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Image Artist Title Year Format # Tracks Label Catalog # Country
Guided By Voices Clown Prince of the Menthol Trailer 2017 MP3 7 Guided By Voices Inc. GBVI-74 U.S.A. 
Guided By Voices Fast Japanese Spin Cycle 2017 MP3 8 Guided By Voices Inc. GBVI-73 U.S.A. 
Guided By Voices Tonics & Twisted Chasers 2017 MP3 24 Guided By Voices Inc. GBVI-75 U.S.A. 
Robert Pollard Waved Out 2017 MP3 15 Guided By Voices Inc. GBVI-72 U.S.A. 
Tobin Sprout My Back Pages 2017 MP3 1 Petrified Fish Records U.S.A. 
Bun E. Carlos (Featuring Robert Pollard) Do Something Real 2016 MP3 1 Entertainment One Music U.S.A. 
Tobin Sprout Antietam (Band Version) 2016 MP3 1 Moonflower Records U.S.A. 
Tobin Sprout Wedding Song Video Mix 2016 MP3 1 Petrified Fish Records U.S.A. 
Various Artists Indie For The Holidays 2015 MP3 27 Amazon Prime U.S.A. 
Todd Tobias Todd's Remains 2014 MP3 35 U.S.A. 
Circus Devils All The Good Ones Are Gone 2013 MP3 1 Hidden Shoal Recordings Australia 
Tobin Sprout Antietam 2012 MP3 1 Moonflower Records U.S.A. 
Todd Tobias Night Above Ground 2012 MP3 9 Hidden Shoal Recordings HSR092 Australia 
Mascott & Doug Gillard Please Please Please 2010 MP3 1 Red Panda Records U.S.A. 
Various Artists WTFTTFG.com Blogathon 2006 2006 MP3 22 U.S.A. 
Guided By Voices Window Of My World 2004 MP3 1 Matador OLE-9005 6 IS U.S.A. 
Guided By Voices Napster [Live] 2003 MP3 4 U.S.A. 
Guided By Voices Isolation Drills 2001 MP3 16 The Orchard U.S.A. 
  Various Artists TVT Bootleg Website 2001 MP3 17 TVT Records U.S.A. 
  Various Artists Care For Kosovo 1999 MP3 1 EMusic.com U.S.A. 
  Various Artists DougGillard.com Sounds MP3 3 U.S.A. 
  Various Artists GBV.com Multi Media MP3 55 U.S.A. 
  Various Artists GBVDigital.com MP3 1 U.S.A. 
  Various Artists Matadorrecords.com Media MP3 1 Matador Records U.S.A. 
  Various Artists Morphius.com Audio MP3 1 Morphius U.S.A. 
  Various Artists OffRecords.com Media MP3 8 Off Records U.S.A. 
  Various Artists Pitch-A-Tent.com MP3s MP3 2 Pitch-A-Tent U.S.A. 
Various Artists RobertPollard.net Sounds MP3 51 U.S.A. 
  Shawen Acres ShawenAcres.com MP3 5 U.S.A. 
  Various Artists TobinSprout.com Audio MP3 3 U.S.A.