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TVT Bootleg Website

Various Artists

Released: 2001
Format: MP3
Label: TVT Records
Catalog #:
Country: U.S.A.
Discs: 1
# Tracks: 17
The MP3 files were placed on the site over a period of weeks or so in the order listed here. "On With The Show" was mistakenly put up on the site and labeled as "Invisible Train To Earth". The error was corrected after a day or so. "Alone, Stinking And Unafraid" was labeled as "Alone, Stinking, On The Conan O'Brien Show, But Unafraid (Live at CBGBs)". "Total Exposure" had this text describing it: "Appears on 7" single by Airport 5 (Robert Pollard & Tobin Sprout) Fading Captain Series #11." "Burns Carpenter, Man Of Science" had this text describing it: "Sneak Preview from forthcoming album: Tower In The Fountain of Sparks (Robert Pollard & Tobin Sprout) Fading Captain Series #14". And "I Drove A Tank" had this text describing it: "(Robert Pollard & The Soft Rock Renegades) Fading Captain Series #13".
TVT Bootleg Website
1.   Guided By Voices  -  Big School [Live]
      - Recorded at CBGB's
2.   Guided By Voices  -  On With The Show
3.   Guided By Voices  -  Invisible Train To Earth
4.   Guided By Voices  -  Cut-Out Witch [Live]
      - Recorded at CBGB's
5.   Airport 5  -  Total Exposure
6.   Guided By Voices  -  I Am A Scientist [Live]
      - Recorded at CBGB's
7.   Guided By Voices  -  Tight Globes [Live]
      - Recorded at CBGB's
8.   Guided By Voices  -  Game Of Pricks [Live]
      - Recorded at CBGB's
9.   Guided By Voices  -  Teenage FBI [Live]
      - Recorded at CBGB's
10.  Guided By Voices  -  Shocker In Gloomtown [Live]
      - Recorded at CBGB's
11.  Guided By Voices  -  Submarine Teams [Live]
      - Recorded at CBGB's
12.  Airport 5  -  Burns Carpenter, Man Of Science
13.  Robert Pollard and his Soft Rock Renegades  -  I Drove A Tank
14.  Guided By Voices  -  Alone, Stinking And Unafraid [Live]
      - Recorded at CBGB's
15.  Guided By Voices  -  Hot Freaks [Live]
      - Recorded at CBGB's
16.  Guided By Voices  -  Mushroom Art [Live]
      - Recorded at CBGB's
17.  Guided By Voices  -  Waved Out [Live]
      - Recorded at CBGB's
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