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Do The Collapse - Part 1 (Bob & Doug Demos)

Guided By Voices

Released: 06/02/2020
Format: Digital
Label: Rockathon Records
Catalog #:
Country: U.S.A.
Items: 1
# Tracks: 24
Front Cover
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Guided By Voices Do The Collapse Pt 1 (Bob & Doug demos)

All songs written by Robert Pollard except "Avalanche Aminos" written by Robert Pollard and Doug Gillard.

“These 4-track demos for what became Do The Collapse are my proof-of-concept guitar treatments with Bob’s demos, which I sent back to Bob for approval. The mixes tended to be guitar forward so those parts could be heard & approved...or not. I played drums/bass on a few just to fill out the songs (one drum concept made it to the record, in "Zoo Pie").

Some songs that were in this batch of demos went undeveloped, while others would end up on Pollard solo LPs or the Hold On Hope EP. Some were cut from further development on the record by producer Ric Ocasek, and other songs were written later to fulfill his request for a certain feel, including "Much Better Mr. Buckles" and "Liquid Indian", demos of which were either not recorded or located. This collection presents an alternate version of Do The Collapse, with pop songs such as "Fly Into Ashes", "Avalanche Aminos", and "Underground Initiations" which were cut to make room for the new prog numbers requested by Ocasek.

These demos were worked on in 1997/98 before the 4-piece band of Bob, Greg Demos, Jim MacPherson and I got together to rehearse & play the songs out live.”

- Doug Gillard 6/2/20

MP3 or WAV download.
Do The Collapse - Part 1 (Bob & Doug Demos)
1.   Teenage FBI [Bob & Doug Demo] 2:24
2.   Zoo Pie [Bob & Doug Demo] 2:23
3.   Things I Will Keep [Bob & Doug Demo] 2:28
4.   Hold On Hope [Bob & Doug Demo] 2:30
5.   In Stitches [Bob & Doug Demo] 3:44
6.   Dragons Awake! [Bob & Doug Demo] 2:06
7.   Surgical Focus [Bob & Doug Demo] 2:37
8.   Optical Hopscotch [Bob & Doug Demo] 2:17
9.   Wormhole [Bob & Doug Demo] 2:31
10.  Strumpet Eye [Bob & Doug Demo] 2:15
11.  Wrecking Now [Bob & Doug Demo] 1:59
12.  Picture Me Big Time [Bob & Doug Demo] 2:51
13.  An Unmarketed Product [Bob & Doug Demo] 1:13
14.  Avalanche Aminos [Bob & Doug Demo] 3:09
15.  Fly Into Ashes [Bob & Doug Demo] 2:28
16.  Interest Position [Bob & Doug Demo] 2:24
17.  James Riot [Bob & Doug Demo] 2:40
18.  Underground Initiations [Bob & Doug Demo] 1:56
19.  Powerblessings [Bob & Doug Demo] 1:44
20.  Shrine To The Dynamic Years (Athens Time Change Riots) [Bob & Doug Demo] 2:09
21.  The Kissing Life [Bob & Doug Demo] 2:40
22.  Whiskey Ships [Bob & Doug Demo] 2:11
23.  Of A Mumbling Goat's Beard [Bob & Doug Demo] 2:03
24.  The Various Vaults Of Convenience [Bob & Doug Demo] 2:24
Total Length: 57:06