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Psychopath Timecard (August By Cake Demos)

Robert Pollard

Released: 07/14/2020
Format: Digital
Label: Rockathon Records
Catalog #:
Country: U.S.A.
Items: 1
# Tracks: 17
Front Cover
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Robert Pollard
Psychopath Timecard
17 demos

Originally planned as a single album, Psychopath Timecard was the original title of the double LP August By Cake (as well as a lyric in the song "Packing The Dead Zone”).

All songs written by Robert Pollard
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Psychopath Timecard (August By Cake Demos)
1.   5° On The Inside [Demo]
2.   Generox Gray ® [Demo]
3.   Try It Out (It's Nothing) [Demo]
4.   Packing The Dead Zone [Demo]
5.   We Liken The Sun [Demo]
6.   West Coast Company Man [Demo]
7.   Warm Up To Religion [Demo]
8.   Fever Pitch [Demo]
9.   Hiking Skin [Demo]
10.  It's Food [Demo]
11.  Cheap Buttons [Demo]
12.  Substitute 11 [Demo]
13.  The Laughing Closet [Demo]
14.  Circus Day Holdout [Demo]
15.  Golden Door [Demo]
16.  The Possible Edge [Demo]
17.  Escape To Phoenix [Demo]
Album Credits
Role Name
Publisher Needmore Songs
Songwriter Robert Pollard