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The Hard Way [Solo Version]

Unreleased track. 

Other Versions:

Song Version
The Hard Way
The Hard Way [Live]
The Hard Way [1993 Remastered Version]

Appears On:

Artist Title Year Format Label Catalog #
Guided By Voices Bee Thousand Outtakes 1994 Album Outtakes
Guided By Voices Bee Thousand (Hardcore UFOs) 1993 Proposed/Aborted Album

Played Live:

Artist Date Venue Set Opener/Closer Version
Guided By Voices 12/31/1998 Maxwell's - Hoboken, NJ Main
Guided By Voices 06/20/1995 Paradise - Boston, MA Main
Guided By Voices 06/17/1995 Stache's - Columbus, OH Main
Guided By Voices 06/02/1995 Gilly's - Dayton, OH Main
Total # Times Played4