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Note: Includes all studios related to Guided By Voices, Robert Pollard, Tobin Sprout & Doug Gillard-related projects.
347 Recording
44 Long Studios
Altamont Recording
Any Road Studios - Dayton, OH
Beat Farm
Bob's Living Room
Burlysound Studios
Burn Quickly
Chicago, IL
Closer Look Studios
Collider X-L
Cro-Mag II
Crossroads Of The Americas
D.C. Recording
Dayton, Ohio
Devil's Workshop
Diamond Mine
Doug Gillard's 4-Track
Electric Lady Studios
Electrical Audio
Encore Studios
FLAM Studios
Frankford Wayne
Goon Lagoon
Granny Reel
Greene Street Recording
Greg Demos' 4-Track
Greg Demos' Basement
Greg Demos' House
Group Effort Studios
Harpoon House
Home (Tim & Todd Tobias)
Home 8-Track
Huge Fruit Studios
Jim Greer's 4-Track
Kev March's Spot
Last Of The Explorers
Laundry & Lasers
Leland, MI
Locust Hill
Loho Studios
Magic Door
Magnetic North
Mitch Mitchell's 4-Track
Mitch Mitchell's Garage
Mitch Mitchell's House
Moonflower Studios
Nick Mitchell's House
Ohio, USA
Old BHA Piano Building Studio Space
Petrified Fish
Precision Mastering
Public Hi-Fi Balloon
Quad Recording Studios
Rare Book Room Studio
Refraze Studio
River On Rivet Recording
Robert Pollard's Boombox
SAE Mastering
Salt Mastering
Sam Phillips Recording Services - Memphis, TN
Scalp Scraper Studio
Schemeattic and Baxterly Arms Studios
Schwab Studios
Serious Business Music
Sioux Sioux Studios
Sterling Sound
Steve Wilbur's 8-Track Garage Studio
Suma Studio
Take Out Vinyl In Sam Phillips Recording Services - Memphis, TN
The All-Night Party
The Beat Farm
The Bunker Studio
The Command Module - Natick, MA
The Invisible Room
The Moonliner
The Public Hi-Fi Balloon
The Snakepit
The Soda Shops
Tobias Residence (Akron, OH)
Tobin Sprout's 4-Track
Tobin Sprout's 8-Track
Tobin Sprout's Basement
Tobin Sprout's House
Urban Geek Studios
Warfleigh Labs
Waterloo Sound (Brecksville, OH)
Waterloo Sound (Kent, OH)
West West Side Music - New Windsor, NY
WKXQ Tequila Snot Bubble
Yes Master