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Magic Door

Track Credits:

A Whale Is Top Notch
Always Gone
Andre The Hawk
Arthur Has Business Elsewhere
Biker's Nest
Bunco Men
Cat Beats A Drum
Citizen's Blitz [New Version]
Cul-De-Sac Kids
Easier Not Charming
Haircut Sphinx
I Think I Had It. I Think I Have It Again
I Touch Down
Lip Curlers
Man Called Blunder
Math Rock
Next Sea Level
Party Rages
Please Don't Be Honest
Queen Parking Lot
Screaming The Night Away
Show Of Hands
Steely Dodger
Stone Cold Moron
Thank You Jane
The Best Foot Forwards
To Keep An Area
Woah Nelly
Year Of The Hard Hitter
Math Rock
Alex Bell
Ant Repellent
Birds In The Pipe
Cartoon Fashion (Bongo Lake)
Child's Play
Climbing A Ramp
Come North Together
Crystal Nuns Cathedral
Dirty Kid School
Excited Ones
Eye City
Eyes Of Your Doctor
Focus On The Flock
Forced To Sea
Free Agents
Goggles By Rank
How Can A Plumb Be Perfected?
I Bet Hippy
Lights Out In Memphis (Egypt)
Lizard On The Red Brick Wall
Mad River Man
Made Man
Margaret Middle School
Never Mind The List
Puzzle Two
Roosevelt's Marching Band
Sunshine Girl Hello
Test Pilot
The Batman Sees The Ball
The Disconnected Citizen
Trust Them Now
Unproductive Funk
Wave Starter
Who Wants To Go Hunting?