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Click on the category and sub-category links to expand/collapse sections. If a release does not have individual song credits the album-level credits may be used for every song on the album.


Album Credits:

Shown by Album / Album Artist

Song Credits:

Shown by Song / Song Artist
A Year That Could Have Been Worse [Mitch Mitchell Version] Guided By Voices
AKROVA (The City In The Sky) Todd Tobias
All American Boy Guided By Voices
Animals Are Alarm Clocks Circus Devils
ARGANTHIA (City Of Hanging Wombs) Todd Tobias
AUROS (City Of Golden Energy) Todd Tobias
Authoritarian Zoo Guided By Voices
AZYMONDIA (The Cave City) Todd Tobias
Bad Love Is Easy To Do Guided By Voices
BOR (City Of Lepers) Todd Tobias
Bouncing Of The Dolls Circus Devils
Bouncing Of The Heads Circus Devils
Cool Planet Guided By Voices
Cool Planet Theme Guided By Voices
Costume Makes The Man Guided By Voices
Cream Of Lung Guided By Voices
Demons Of The Purple Subway Circus Devils
Diamond Boys Circus Devils
DRAVIDIA (City Of Tyrannous Children) Todd Tobias
Draw A Flag Circus Devils
Eat At Eat Circus Devils
EPYMINION (The Disentombed City) Todd Tobias
Escape Circus Devils
Eye Mask Of Leaves Circus Devils
Eyesore Wives Guided By Voices
Fast Crawl Guided By Voices
GAGARK (City Of Reptile Pageantry) Todd Tobias
GANJAREEN (City Of Leisure Introspection) Todd Tobias
GORGUM REETH (City Of The Rat-Sized Men) Todd Tobias
Hacking At A Hedge Circus Devils
Hat Of Flames Guided By Voices
I Am Looking Circus Devils
IRANOI (The City Behind Space) Todd Tobias
JAQASTA (City Of Friends) Todd Tobias
JHEGGO (City Of Floating Faces) Todd Tobias
KISH (City Of Helper Cats) Todd Tobias
KUR (City Of Hidden Tails) Todd Tobias
LAMURA (City Of Quiet Mornings) Todd Tobias
LAMYRR (City Upon The Sea) Todd Tobias
LOA (City Of The Invisibles) Todd Tobias
Males Of Wormwood Mars Guided By Voices
MARGOOL (City Of Eye Collections) Todd Tobias
NARGESH (The City That Inseminates The Sun) Todd Tobias
Narrated By Paul Guided By Voices
Pan Swimmer Guided By Voices
Pillow Man Guided By Voices
Play Alice Circus Devils
Psychotic Crush Guided By Voices
PYRRUS (City Of Fire-Bathers) Todd Tobias
SAZ (City Of Descended Masters) Todd Tobias
SMAZBAAL (City Of Aerial Religion) Todd Tobias
SOMNA (City Of Sleepwalkers) Todd Tobias
Table At Fool's Tooth Guided By Voices
The Big Strong Sea Circus Devils
The Bone Church Guided By Voices
The Gravity Test Circus Devils
The Night Of Anything Circus Devils
The No Doubters Guided By Voices
The Result Of A Smiling Man Circus Devils
These Dooms Guided By Voices
They're Not Real Honey Circus Devils
Thin Escape Circus Devils
Ticket To Hide Guided By Voices
To Be So Welcome Circus Devils
WERMOL (City Of The Public Weeping Ceremony) Todd Tobias
You Get Every Game Guided By Voices
YOVA (City Of Indoor Forests) Todd Tobias