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Impossible Cities

Todd Tobias

Released: 10/28/2014
Format: CD
Label: Tiny Room Records
Catalog #: TR002
Country: Netherlands
Discs: 1
# Tracks: 16
Front Cover
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Todd: "The intention here was to use music to evoke the atmosphere of a number of hypothetical and highly unlikely cities; some which I might like to visit. Others not so much."

Brought to you by Hidden Shoal and Tiny Room Records.

Original Tiny Room Records Release Info: We are very proud to release the second solo album by Todd Tobias, called Impossible Cities. Itís a beautiful, instrumental album full of atmospheric, eerie soundscapes and loud, crunchy guitars. Very cinematic, colorful and intense. Itís an album thatís very rewarding after repeated listening. If you open yourself to these inspiring sounds, it could change your way of thinking. Release date is October 28th, 2014. The cover artwork is made by David Crunelle.
Impossible Cities
1.   LAMURA (City Of Quiet Mornings) 2:54
2.   KUR (City Of Hidden Tails) 2:37
3.   PYRRUS (City Of Fire-Bathers) 2:34
4.   SOMNA (City Of Sleepwalkers) 1:43
5.   DRAVIDIA (City Of Tyrannous Children) 1:44
6.   GORGUM REETH (City Of The Rat-Sized Men) 2:00
7.   SAZ (City Of Descended Masters) 2:37
8.   KISH (City Of Helper Cats) 1:36
9.   GAGARK (City Of Reptile Pageantry) 2:07
10.  IRANOI (The City Behind Space) 2:01
11.  AUROS (City Of Golden Energy) 1:37
12.  SMAZBAAL (City Of Aerial Religion) 4:59
13.  NARGESH (The City That Inseminates The Sun) 2:18
14.  WERMOL (City Of The Public Weeping Ceremony) 2:13
15.  EPYMINION (The Disentombed City) 2:14
16.  AKROVA (The City In The Sky) 2:02
Total Length: 37:16
Album Credits
Role Name
Art David Crunelle
Role Name
Instrumentation And Noises Todd Tobias
Role Name
Engineer Todd Tobias
Role Name
Recording Location Ohio, USA
Role Name
Copyright 2014
Publisher Hidden Shoal
Songwriter Todd Tobias
Role Name
Additional Album Text Tiny Room Records
Additional Album Text TinyRoom.NL
Additional Album Text ToddTobiasMusic.Bandcamp.Com
David Crunelle Website www.DavidCrunelle.Com
Hidden Shoal Website www.HiddenShoal.Com
Inspiration Invisible Cities (Book) By Italo Calvino
Inspiration The Arrival (Book) By Shaun Tan
Thanks Cam Merton
Thanks Stefan Breuer
Thanks Steve Panovich
Thanks Tammo Kersbergen
Thanks Thijs Kuijken
Thanks Tim Tobias