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Click on the category and sub-category links to expand/collapse sections. If a release does not have individual song credits the album-level credits may be used for every song on the album.


Album Credits:

Shown by Album / Album Artist

Song Credits:

Shown by Song / Song Artist
A Number I Can Trust Ricked Wicky
A Real Stab Ricked Wicky
Aolani Todd Tobias
Ave Maria Born Cages
Being Home For Christmas Ivan & Alyosha
Birthday Boy Anna Von Hausswolff
Bizarro's Last Quest Robert Pollard
Blind Slide Ricked Wicky
Case Of Elimination Robert Pollard
Champagne (I'm Ready) Lisa Loeb
Christmas Alone YACHT
Christmas At Our House Silent Film, A
Christmas With You Fruit Bats
Christmastime Rogue Wave
Collision Daycare Robert Pollard
Come And Listen Robert Pollard
Come Into My Wig Shop Ricked Wicky
Contemporary Man (He Is Our Age) Robert Pollard
Could I See The List One More Time? Ricked Wicky
Cow Headed Moon Ricked Wicky
Crystal Titanic Ricked Wicky
Death Metal Kid Ricked Wicky
Deck The Halls (With Boughs Of Holly) Langhorne Slim
Dissonance Ricked Wicky
Djado Todd Tobias
Donuts In The Snow Reverend Horton Heat
Earth Among Men Ricked Wicky
Even Today And Tomorrow Ricked Wicky
Faster The Great Robert Pollard
Faulty Superheroes Robert Pollard
Frenzy Of Blame Ricked Wicky
Gharapuri Todd Tobias
Go Trim Another Tree James Apollo
Gunung Batur Todd Tobias
Guts Ricked Wicky
Hiva Oa Todd Tobias
Holiday Love Tuxedo
I Am A Coast Guard Ricked Wicky
I Can Illustrate Robert Pollard
If I Esmé Patterson
I'll Let You In Ricked Wicky
Imminent Fall From Grace Ricked Wicky
It's Christmas Again Oscar
It's Only Christmas Moon Taxi
Jargon Of Clones Ricked Wicky
Jingle Bells Avid Dancer
Little Pigs Robert Pollard
Long Live Instant Pandemonium Robert Pollard
Losing It Robert Pollard
Malayakolam (Rising Sun) Todd Tobias
Malayakolam (Setting Sun) Todd Tobias
Map And Key Ricked Wicky
Marayoor Todd Tobias
Miles Of Concentration Ricked Wicky
Mobility Ricked Wicky
Moorea Todd Tobias
Mozart's Throne Robert Pollard
My Daughter Yes She Knows Robert Pollard
Nan Madol Todd Tobias
New Year's Day Turin Brakes
No Man Would Develop Ricked Wicky
NYE Family Of The Year
O Little Town Of Bethlehem Amason
Of Course You Are Robert Pollard
Ogling Blarest Ricked Wicky
Outside Of December LeeVees & Matisyahu, The
Parakeet Vista Robert Pollard
Photo Enforced Human Highway Robert Pollard
Pirahã Todd Tobias
Piss Face Ricked Wicky
Plastic Oceanic Getaway Ricked Wicky
Poor Substitute Ricked Wicky
Promo Brunette Robert Pollard
Quite Worthy Ricked Wicky
Red Legged Pygmalion Ricked Wicky
Rotten Backboards Ricked Wicky
Sea Garden Todd Tobias
Silent Night Wild Child
Simple Simon Paper Plates Ricked Wicky
Small Town Underground Ricked Wicky
Surviving Christmas Sondre Lerche & Jherek Bischoff
Suvarnabhumi Todd Tobias
Taipivai Todd Tobias
Take Me To Yolita Robert Pollard
Teluk Dalam Todd Tobias
That's The Way You Gave It To Me Robert Pollard
The Box (Including "The Curse") Ricked Wicky
The Christmas Waltz SOAK
The Hand That Holds You Robert Pollard
The Important Girl Ricked Wicky
The Intellectual Types Ricked Wicky
The Real Wilderness Robert Pollard
This Has Been My Picture Ricked Wicky
This Is Our December Kill Hannah
Tomfoole Terrific Ricked Wicky
Tomorrow Ricked Wicky
Too Strong For No One To See You Ricked Wicky
Under The Blue Volcano Todd Tobias
Up Up And Up Robert Pollard
Uranus Flies Ricked Wicky
Vega Todd Tobias
Walk Through Glass Ricked Wicky
Weekend Worriers Ricked Wicky
Well Suited Ricked Wicky
What A Man Robert Pollard
What Are All Those Paint Men Digging? Ricked Wicky
What Begins On New Year's Day Robert Pollard
What's For Dinner Uncle Aunty Ricked Wicky
Who's Up There? Bhi Bhiman
Wing On Wing Todd Tobias
Winter Time ARCHIS
Xingu Todd Tobias
You Only Need One Robert Pollard