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Tristes Tropiques

Todd Tobias

Released: 06/09/2015
Format: CD
Label: Tiny Room Records
Catalog #: TR005
Country: Netherlands
Discs: 1
# Tracks: 12
Front Cover
Back Cover
Inside Cover
Pressing Details
Vinyl Color # Pressed
Release info (from Todd Tobias): A dreamy, hypnotic, melancholy-soaked collection evoking far-flung places where small-scale societies and indigenous cultures have vanished or are in the process of being swallowed by an ever-expanding global civilization.

"Tristes Tropiques" from the title of the book by French Anthropologist Claude Levi Strauss. The literal translation is "Sad Tropics." The English version of the title is "World On The Wane," referring to the vanishing culture-worlds of the last remaining small-scale societies on Earth.

The album is not inspired directly by the book, I simply borrowed the title.
Tristes Tropiques
1.   Malayakolam (Rising Sun) 4:49
2.   Pirahã 2:12
3.   Teluk Dalam 2:40
4.   Xingu 1:47
5.   Suvarnabhumi 5:49
6.   Marayoor 5:57
7.   Djado 4:03
8.   Hiva Oa 4:05
9.   Gharapuri 3:08
10.  Nan Madol 2:25
11.  Gunung Batur 2:51
12.  Malayakolam (Setting Sun) 3:42
Total Length: 43:28
Album Credits
Role Name
Music Todd Tobias
Role Name
Engineer Todd Tobias
Role Name
Copyright 2015
Publisher Hidden Shoal
Songwriter Todd Tobias
Role Name
Additional Album Text ToddTobiasMusic.Bandcamp.Com
Thanks Cam Merton
Thanks Stefan Breuer
Thanks Thijs Kuijken