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Image Artist Title Year Format # Tracks Label Catalog # Country
Guided By Voices Half Smiles Of The Decomposed [Bonus Tracks] 2004 CD 15 P-Vine/Blues Interactions PCD-23536 Japan 
Guided By Voices The Best of Guided By Voices: Human Amusements At Hourly Rates [Bonus Tracks] 2004 CD 33 P-Vine/Blues Interactions PCD-4276 Japan 
Guided By Voices Earthquake Glue [Bonus Tracks] 2003 CD 16 P-Vine/Blues Interactions PCD-23422 Japan 
Guided By Voices Universal Truths And Cycles [Bonus Tracks] 2002 CD 20 P-Vine/Blues Interactions PCD-23256 Japan 
Guided By Voices Isolation Drills [Bonus Tracks] 2001 CD 17 P-Vine/Blues Interactions PCD-24080 Japan 
Guided By Voices Mag Earwhig! [Bonus Tracks] 2000 CD 23 P-Vine/Blues Interactions PCD-24006 Japan 
Guided By Voices Under The Bushes Under The Stars [Bonus Tracks] 1998 CD 26 P-Vine/Blues Interactions PCD-24005 Japan