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Unreleased track. 


from Shredding Paper article on GBV as "Artist of the Decade" in April of 2000:

Like all of GBV's recording sessions, many of the Cro-Mag songs were never used on the album. "Sixland", one of (John) Shough's personal favorites, seemed to be about the messy politics of the time. "That song was right after the European tour where there was a lot of drama," he says. "Kim and The Breeders were really hot and Bob was just getting hot. If you listen to the words in 'Sixland,' you can kind of put things together. I think that's one of the reasons he never released it, but this is just my speculation. I learned the song and played it for Bob on guitar. I asked him, 'Do you remember that?' because I was trying to get him to put it on one of their records. He was like, 'I kind of do. Where's the (master) tape?' But we couldn't find it anywhere. So nothing ever happened with it."

Word is that in 2007 Bob located this song....hopefully it will eventually see a release.

Appears On:

Artist Title Year Format Label Catalog #
Guided By Voices Briefcase 3: Cuddling Bozo's Octopus 2009 LP Guided By Voices Inc. GBVI-9
Guided By Voices Suitcase 3 2009 4 CD Box Set Guided By Voices Inc. GBVI-8
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