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Artist Websites
Guided By Voices Facebook page
The Official GBV facebook page.
The Official GBV site. All the GBV news & info you need.
New official post-GBV Robert Pollard website.
Robert Pollard Facebook Page
Robert Pollard/Guided By Voices Facebook page.
New online store for all Pollard solo and side-project releases, includes everything released on the new Guided By Voices, Inc. label.
This website will serve as the home for the artwork of Robert Pollard. On this site you will find NEWS about Robert Pollard's art, you will be able to purchase original Robert Pollard pieces, you will find dates for Robert Pollard art shows and you will also be able to buy all sorts of merchandise related to Robert Pollard's artwork.
Circus Devils website.
The Official Boston Spaceships site.
New Tobin Sprout's website designed by Tobin.
Tobin Sprout's website featuring his artwork.
Doug Gillard's new website.
New online store with music downloads including live shows and exclusive tracks.
Shawen Acres new website.
The Official Terrifying Experience website.
Official website for Tim & Todd Tobias, includes Clouds Forming Crowns & Circus Devils.
Includes members of Tobin Sprout's touring band: Randy Diderrich & Mason Brown.
John Shough
Website for GBV Producer/Engineer & his music.
Cobra Verde
Official website for Cobra Verde.
Jonathan Richman
Jonathan Richman Database Website (not GBV related, but another nice database website).
Label Websites
Rockathon Records
Long Live Rockathon. Buy Bob & GBV music here.
Merge Records
Merge Records website - home of Robert Pollard in mid-2000's.
GBV @ Matador
Matador Records GBV site.
Matador GBV Forum
GBV Matador Discussion Forum.
Scat Records website.
GBV @ TVT Records
TVT Records GBV Site.
Fan Websites
Disarm The Settlers
- GBV Discussion Forum website.
Shit Canned.
- Blog that discusses GBV-related aborted albums and alternate tracklistings.
Trader Vic's Propeller Club Facebook Page
- Trader Vic's Propeller Club Facebook page
Trader Vic's Propeller Club
- Old version of Trader Vic's Propeller Club site!
Guided By Robert Pollard
- GBV Fan Site w/ Discography, memorabilia, etc.
GBV Guitar Website  New!
- GBV Guitar Tab website by Doug M. with tablature and guitar technique posts.
GBV Guitar Facebook Page  New!
- GBV Guitar Tab facebook page by Doug M. with some guitar video
GBV Songbook (NEWER url!)
- GBV Guitar Tab & Lyrics Site.
Jiggling Whisker's GBV Collection
- GBV Record Collection Site.
GBV - le site en franšais
- French GBV Site.
Grunnen Rocks
- European Music Site w/ GBV info.
Trader Vic's Propeller Club
- New version of Trader Vic's Propeller Club site! (URL doesn't seem to be active anymore. Try the one at the top of this list)
GBV Radio
- Streaming GBV music 24 hours a day. (No longer active)
GBV Bootsite
- GBV Bootleg, Unreleased & Live Recordings Site. (No longer active)