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Flippant Music

Album Credits:

Shown by Album / Album Artist

Song Credits:

Shown by Song / Song Artist
(But) I See Something Doug Gillard
(Doing The) Math Lifeguards
(When Will You Be) Driving By Doug Gillard
A Mallard Pushing ESP Ohio
A Requiem Gem
Avalanche Aminos Guided By Voices
Back Again Sally Crewe & The Sudden Moves
Blockout Doug Gillard
Breaking In Two Doug Gillard
Call From Restricted Doug Gillard
Cape And Bay Doug Gillard
Caught Waves Again Robert Pollard
Contractors Doug Gillard
Deflect/Project Guided By Voices
Drip-Nose Boy Doug Gillard
Entwined Doug Gillard
Fate, Say It Again Doug Gillard
Fether Herd Lifeguards
First Of An Early Go-Getter Lifeguards
Flying Backwards Doug Gillard
Free of This World Guided By Voices
From What I've Done Doug Gillard
Gibraltar Doug Gillard
Gift Of The Mountain Lifeguards
Give Me Something Doug Gillard
Gogol Was Rollo Doug Gillard
Going Back (To You) Doug Gillard
Going Round Doug Gillard
Good To See You Gem
Goodbye Note Guided By Voices
I Am A Tree Guided By Voices
I Am A Tree [Original Version] Gem
It's Only Love Sally Crewe & The Sudden Moves
Keep In Orbit Lifeguards
Knife City Guided By Voices
Landmarks (In My Mind) Doug Gillard
Larger Massachusetts Robert Pollard With Doug Gillard
Livery Doug Gillard
Living Like You've Got Forever Sally Crewe & The Sudden Moves
Love, Blinding Love Doug Gillard
Make Me Stay Sally Crewe & The Sudden Moves
Malamute Jute Doug Gillard
Me & The Wind Doug Gillard
Messiahs Robert Pollard With Doug Gillard
Mice Feel Nice (In My Room) Guided By Voices
Momma Doug Gillard
No Chain Breaking Lifeguards
No One Above You Doug Gillard
Nobody's Milk Lifeguards
Paradise Is Not So Bad Lifeguards
Pearly Gates Smoke Machine Guided By Voices
Pop Zeus Robert Pollard With Doug Gillard
Port Authority Robert Pollard With Doug Gillard
Present Doug Gillard
Product Head Lifeguards
Punk Rock Kid Sally Crewe & The Sudden Moves
Red Whips And Miracles Lifeguards
Sea Of Dead (Instrumental) Lifeguards
Sexless Auto Lifeguards
Shorter Virgins Lifeguards
So Much More Doug Gillard
Society Dome Lifeguards
Starts At The River Lifeguards
Sun Glow (They Don't Know) Doug Gillard
Surgeon Is Complete Lifeguards
Symbols, Signs Doug Gillard
The Temperament Twist Doug Gillard
Then We Agree Lifeguards
They Called Him So Much Lifeguards
Time Is Nigh Doug Gillard
Trip The Web Lifeguards
Valpolicella Doug Gillard
Wait For You Doug Gillard
Western World Doug Gillard
What Am I? Lifeguards
Without This Light Doug Gillard
You're Gonna Need A Mountain Lifeguards