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Click on Venue to view setlist details. Note: The gigography is a work in progress. Setlists have only been entered for the gigs that have a "# Songs" entry.

Image Artist Venue Date # Songs Audio Video Country
  Tobin Sprout Hi-Fi - Indianapolis, IN [Live]  New! 05/27/2017   U.S.A. 
  Tobin Sprout Big Room Bar - Columbus, OH [Live]  New! 05/26/2017   U.S.A. 
  Tobin Sprout Strange Matter - Richmond, VA [Live]  New! 05/25/2017   U.S.A. 
  Tobin Sprout Cat's Cradle Back Room - Carrboro, NC [Live]  New! 05/24/2017   U.S.A. 
  Tobin Sprout Mothlight - Asheville, NC [Live]  New! 05/23/2017   U.S.A. 
  Tobin Sprout High Wall - Nashville, TN [Live]  New! 05/22/2017   U.S.A. 
Tobin Sprout Harbor Town Amphitheater - Memphis, TN [Live, River Series At Harbor Town Amphitheater]  New! 05/21/2017   U.S.A. 
  Tobin Sprout Syndicate Lounge - Birmingham, AL [Live]  New! 05/20/2017   U.S.A. 
  Tobin Sprout Georgia Theatre Roof - Athens, GA [Live]  New! 05/19/2017   U.S.A. 
  Tobin Sprout 529 Club - Atlanta, GA [Live]  New! 05/18/2017   U.S.A. 
  Tobin Sprout Zanzabar - Louisville, KY [Live]  New! 05/17/2017   U.S.A. 
  Guided By Voices Grog Shop - Cleveland Heights, OH [Live]  New! 05/06/2017   U.S.A. 
  Guided By Voices Magic Stick - Detroit, MI [Live]  New! 05/05/2017   U.S.A. 
  Tobin Sprout Cactus Club - Milwaukee, WI [Live]  New! 04/29/2017   U.S.A. 
  Guided By Voices Pyramid Scheme - Grand Rapids, MI [Live]  New! 04/29/2017   U.S.A. 
  Tobin Sprout Beat Kitchen - Chicago, IL [Live]  New! 04/28/2017   U.S.A. 
  Guided By Voices Skully's Music-Diner - Columbus, OH [Live]  New! 04/28/2017   U.S.A. 
  Tobin Sprout El Club - Detroit, MI [Live]  New! 04/27/2017   U.S.A. 
  Tobin Sprout Grog Shop - Cleveland Heights, OH [Live]  New! 04/26/2017   U.S.A. 
  Tobin Sprout DC9 - Washington, DC [Live]  New! 04/25/2017   U.S.A. 
  Tobin Sprout Johnny Brenda's - Philadelphia, PA [Live]  New! 04/24/2017   U.S.A. 
  Tobin Sprout Brighton Music Hall - Boston, MA [Live]  New! 04/23/2017   U.S.A. 
Guided By Voices Roxy - Los Angeles, CA [Live]  New! 04/22/2017   U.S.A. 
  Tobin Sprout The Bell House - Brooklyn, NY [Live]  New! 04/22/2017   U.S.A. 
  Tobin Sprout Brillobox - Pittsburgh, PA [Live]  New! 04/21/2017   U.S.A. 
Guided By Voices Empire Polo Club - Indio, CA [Live, Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival]  New! 04/21/2017   U.S.A. 
  Tobin Sprout Woodward Theater - Cincinnati, OH [Live]  New! 04/20/2017   U.S.A. 
Guided By Voices Nuemos - Seattle, WA [Live]  New! 04/18/2017   U.S.A. 
Guided By Voices Doug Fir Lounge - Portland, OR [Live]  New! 04/17/2017 51 U.S.A. 
  Guided By Voices Bimbo's 365 - San Francisco, CA [Live]  New! 04/15/2017   U.S.A. 
Guided By Voices Empire Polo Club - Indio, CA [Live, Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival]  New! 04/14/2017 26 U.S.A. 
Guided By Voices The Criterion - Oklahoma City, OK [Live, ACM@UCO Metro Music Fest]  New! 04/08/2017 31 U.S.A. 
Tobin Sprout The Old Art Building - Leland, MI [Live]  New! 04/08/2017 27 U.S.A. 
Guided By Voices Ready Room - St. Louis, MO [Live]  New! 04/07/2017 52 U.S.A.