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She Laughed I Left

Cash Rivers And The Sinners

Released: 07/28/2017
Format: 7" EP
Label: Yuk Yuk Motherfucker
Catalog #: 3
Country: U.S.A.
Discs: 1
# Tracks: 17
Front Cover
Back Cover
Record Side One
Record Side Two
Pressing Details
Vinyl Color # Pressed
Limited edition 7" sold by Rockathon Records on 6/22/2017. Release date 7/28/2017.

Original Rockathon Release info: Cash Rivers-She Laughed I Left. Only one place to buy this. 17 songs on a 45 rpm 7". Could be a world record. We don't know that it's not...

Officially credited as just "Cash Rivers" but just grouping it all here as Cash Rivers And The Sinners.
She Laughed I Left
1.  Cash Rivers  -  A B C
2.  Cash Rivers  -  Back On Cholesterol
3.  Cash Rivers  -  Bring Your Nasty Ass Home
4.  Cash Rivers  -  Buckets And Shots
5.  Cash Rivers  -  Cocaine On My Way Home From Church
6.  Cash Rivers  -  Diapers To Panties
7.  Cash Rivers  -  Drinkin' With Abraham Lincoln
8.  Cash Rivers  -  I Can't Blame The Rain
1.  Cash Rivers  -  I Had To Pay For My Own Birthday Party
2.  Cash Rivers  -  My Good Friends From Brooklyn
3.  Cash Rivers  -  My Next Beer Will Be In Heaven
4.  Cash Rivers  -  On My Last Day Of Freedom
5.  Cash Rivers  -  Pack Of Zig Zags
6.  Cash Rivers  -  She's Too Old For Trick Or Treat
7.  Cash Rivers  -  She Stole My Man Panties
8.  Cash Rivers  -  Summertime Santa Claus
9.  Cash Rivers  -  Wrong Way Road
Album Credits
Role Name
Guitar Harry Covair
Vocals Cash Rivers
Role Name
Knobs Little Paulie Giordano
Role Name
Songwriter Cash Rivers
Role Name
Archivist Dukey Rogers