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Bogart's - Cincinnati, OH, U.S.A. [Live]

Guided By Voices

Date: 02/05/1986
Format: Gig
Audio Exists: No
Video Exists: No
Mike Conway Mentioning Upcoming Guided By Voices Performance
Dayton Night at Bogart's with Guided By Voices and The Visionaries. Referenced on the following 22 Alive News "Noises In The Night" segment by Mike Conway the day before the show on 2/4/1986: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4s4ACj6z11M.

The news segment featured live footage and interviews of the band The Reducers. Mike Conway mentioned the upcoming Wednesday lineup at Bogart's on the 2/4/1986 broadcast, so it can be assumed he was talking about the next evening which was 2/5/1986, a Wednesday.
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