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Song Versions

List includes the following ArtistsAcid RanchAirport 5AnacrusisBoston SpaceshipsBun E. Carlos (Featuring Robert Pollard)Carbon WhalesCash Rivers And The SinnersCircus DevilsCosmosThe CrowdCub Scout Bowling PinsESP OhioFreedom CruiseGo Back SnowballGuided By VoicesHazzard HotrodsHowling Wolf OrchestraKeene BrothersKim Deal & Bob PollardKuda LabrancheLexo and the LeapersLifeguardsMars ClassroomThe Moping SwansNightwalkerPhantom TollboothPsycho And The BirdsRichard Meltzer, Robert Pollard, Smegma & AntlerRicked WickyRobert PollardRobert Pollard and his Soft Rock RenegadesRobert Pollard With Doug GillardTeenage GuitarThe Sunflower LogicThe TakeoversWe've Got Airplanes!

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 Includes unreleased song versions, some alternate titles for released songs, and some song titles. Click on song version to view additional information.
# Song Version Notes
1 #2 In The Model Home Series [Instrumental] Instrumental.   
2 (I'll Name You) The Flame That Cries [Shorter Version]  
3 3 Bones Instrumental.   
4 6 Feet Down  
5 7th Level Shutdown [Early Version]  
6 A Big Fan Of The Pigpen [Shorter Version]  
7 A Contest Featuring Human Beings [Alternate Mix]  
8 A Crick Uphill [Early Version] Fan-created title.   
9 A Good Company Beating Song Title Only.   
10 A Logical Banker  
11 A Slut Juggling Song Title Only.   
12 All Hail The Weed King [Demo]  
13 Amanda Fell To Earth Song Title Only.   
14 Amazed [Demo]  
15 Amnesia  
16 Amp Rage Instrumental.   
17 An Unmarketed Product [Demo]  
18 Angry Pillows (Gone Away)  
19 Archbishop Crow Song Title Only.   
20 Argentine Crystal Song Title Only.   
21 Arm Expressions Song Title Only.   
22 Army Twins Song Title Only.   
23 Avalanche Aminos [Demo]  
24 Back To Saturn X [Early Version]  
25 Balloon Razor Song Title Only.   
26 Barker Of The Morning Star School Song Title Only.   
27 Before My Eyes  
28 Blitz 20 Song Title Only.   
29 Booby-Trapped Food Song Title Only.   
30 Box Of Toes Song Title Only.   
31 Brick Midgets Song Title Only.   
32 Bug House [Demo]  
33 Carrot Farm / Lizard Food Song Title Only.   
34 Cash For Suits  
35 Cats Unlimited Song Title Only.   
36 Chain Wallet Bitch [Alternate Mix]  
37 Chimp Pummeling Song Title Only.   
38 Chocolate Covered Bloodsuckers Song Title Only.   
39 Circus Priests Song Title Only.   
40 Circus World [Demo]  
41 Cocksoldiers Early/Working title.   
42 Cocksoldiers And Their Postwar Stubble [Demo]  
43 Cold Clinging Fingers Song Title Only.   
44 College Of Lips Song Title Only.   
45 Color Of My Blade [Demo]  
46 Concert Of Truth Song Title Only.   
47 Contributions To The Toad Stool Song Title Only.   
48 Corn Country  
49 Creamy Fingers Song Title Only.   
50 Crocker's Favorite Song [Early Version] Fan-created title.   
51 Cyclone Of Whales Song Title Only.   
52 Dandelion King Song Title Only.   
53 Deathtrot And Warlock Riding A Rooster [Rock Version]  
54 Debbie X (I Am Decided) [Demo]  
55 Delayed Reaction Brats [Longer Version]  
56 Diplomacy's Double Song Title Only.   
57 Dirty Red Rainbow Song Title Only.   
58 Doctor The Institute Song Title Only.   
59 Don't Stop Now [Demo]  
60 Don't Tell Anyone  
61 Don't Tell Our Secret Fan-created title.   
62 Doubted Rhythms Song Title Only.   
63 Drag Days [Demo]  
64 Dragons Awake! [Band Demo]  
65 Drinker's Brain Song Title Only.   
66 Duke Of The Donkeys Song Title Only.   
67 Earnest Strumming Fan-created title.   
68 Echoland  
69 Echos Myron [Early Version]  
70 Eggs Make Me Sick  
71 Einstein Parasite Song Title Only.   
72 Electric Smoke Is No Joke Song Title Only.   
73 Exactly As Said Instrumental.   
74 Expecting Brainchild [Alternate Version]  
75 Ex-Red Hair Song Title Only.   
76 Factor Bake Claim Fan-created title.   
77 Fair Touching [Full Band Demo]  
78 Fame And Fortune  
79 Far-Out Forest Song Title Only.   
80 Fighter Pigs Song Title Only.   
81 Fine To See You [Full Band Demo]  
82 Firehose Classics Song Title Only.   
83 Firehouse Mountain [Hypermix] Fan-created title.   
84 Firehouse Mountain Pt. 2 Fan-created title.   
85 Fisticuffs On Arthur Ave  
86 Flamboyant Careers In Alcoholism  
87 Fly Into Ashes [Demo]  
88 Full Noses Song Title Only.   
89 Gee, What A Bitch Fan-created title.   
90 Germantown  
91 Get You High Fan-created title.   
92 Glad Girls [Early Version]  
93 Glad Girls [Full Band Demo]  
94 Gold Star For Robot Boy [Longer Version]  
95 Goldheart Festering Moon Directory [Demo] Fan-created title.   
96 Goldheart Festering Moon Directory [Full Band Demo] Fan-created title.   
97 Good Old Mr. Dependable Early/Working title or fan-created title.   
98 Good Old Mr. Expendable Early/Working title or fan-created title.   
99 Grave Compensation Fan-created title.   
100 Hardcore UFO's [Different Lead Version]  
101 Hell Is His Masterpiece Song Title Only.   
102 Hello Song  
103 He's The Uncle [Demo]  
104 His Royal Punk Song Title Only.   
105 Hobosexual Song Title Only.   
106 Horse Wig Song Title Only.   
107 Hot-Rod Boy Song Title Only.   
108 Hush Margarita Song Title Only.   
109 I Am Decided [Alternate Mix]  
110 I Am Decided [Demo]  
111 I Can't Win Fan-created title.   
112 I Need You Now Fan-created title.   
113 I Won't Be The Foolish One  
114 If We Wait [Original, Longer Version]  
115 If We Wait [Solo Version]  
116 Imperial Racehorsing [Different Song] Instrumental.   
117 In Previous Trials [Demo]  
118 In Twinkling Armor Song Title Only.   
119 Indian Power Guru Tower Song Title Only.   
120 Instrumental Fan-created title.   
121 Iodine Clowns Song Title Only.   
122 Iron Mice Song Title Only.   
123 It's Gone to Hell  
124 Ivanho Instrumental.   
125 Jealous Set O' Headlights Song Title Only.   
126 Joyriding At The County Fair Fan-created title.   
127 Junkies And Wizards Song Title Only.   
128 Kickboxer Lightning [Early Version]  
129 Kind Sister Repeater  
130 Kiss Off Stingy Queens  
131 Lariat Man [Demo]  
132 Lasers Applied Song Title Only.   
133 Lawsuit Television Song Title Only.   
134 Let The Living Escape Song Title Only.   
135 Liar's Tale [Original, Longer Version]  
136 Lie With The Investigation Song Title Only.   
137 Long About Suppertime Instrumental.   
138 Lord Lantern Head Song Title Only.   
139 Lori Green  
140 Lost Sea Instrumental.   
141 Magic Vegetables Song Title Only.   
142 Melted Pat [Alternate Mix]  
143 Milk Versus Pop Song Title Only.   
144 More Amazing Virgins Song Title Only.   
145 Motor Away [Acoustic]  
146 Motor Away [Demo] Fan-created title.   
147 Motor Away [Loud Demo] Fan-created title.   
148 Motor Away [Organ Demo] Fan-created title.   
149 Motor Away [Quiet Demo] Fan-created title.   
150 Mr. Sweet Fury Song Title Only.   
151 My Dive Song Title Only.   
152 My Valuable Hunting Knife [Demo] Fan-created title.   
153 My Valuable Hunting Knife [Faster Rock Version] Fan-created title.   
154 Navvy Cover of song by Pere Ubu.   
155 Navy Girl Song  
156 New World Rising (Up We Go) Fan-created title.   
157 Night Lizards Of The Ice Age Song Title Only.   
158 Not Finding Root Song Title Only.   
159 O.K. Robert Instrumental.   
160 Ogre Region Song Title Only.   
161 Oily Playboy Song Title Only.   
162 Opaque Blood Reflector Song Title Only.   
163 Opaque Eggs Song Title Only.   
164 Over The Neptune/Mesh Gear Fox [Demo]  
165 Over The Neptune/Mesh Gear Fox/Circus World [Demo]  
166 Panic America Song Title Only.   
167 Peep-Hole [Early Version] Fan-created title.   
168 Piano Piece X 3 Fan-created title.   
169 Pinstripe Examination Song Title Only.   
170 Pivotal Film [Full Band Demo]  
171 Powerblessings [Demo]  
172 Predicted A Blue Stork Poking Song Title Only.   
173 Privately [Full Band Demo]  
174 Prostitute's Pet Song Title Only.   
175 Psyching In Public Song Title Only.   
176 Public Carnivore W/ Tubes Song Title Only.   
177 Quality Of Armor [Demo]  
178 Quality Of Armor [Early Acoustic Version]  
179 Queen Trapezium Song Title Only.   
180 Razor Curtain Song Title Only.   
181 Redmen And Their Wives [Demo]  
182 Revolving Presidential Chairs Song Title Only.   
183 Rug Homes Song Title Only.   
184 Run Fan-created title.   
185 Run Wild [Full Band Demo]  
186 Ruth  
187 Save The Sawdust  
188 Screwing A Statue Song Title Only.   
189 Second Form Of Mobility Song Title Only.   
190 Separation Of Church And State Early/Working title or fan-created title.   
191 Sex Elevator Song Title Only.   
192 Shattered Eyeglasses Drink The Movement Song Title Only.   
193 She Don't Know Your Name Fan-created title.   
194 She Goes Around In Your Head Fan-created title.   
195 Sheetkickers [Demo]  
196 Sheetkickers [Shorter Version]  
197 Shrine Of The Dynamic Years Song Title Only.   
198 Shrine To The Dynamic Years [Demo]  
199 Sins Of The Franchise Song Title Only.   
200 Sixland  
201 Sixty Boats Fan-created title.   
202 Sizeable Age-Chaser Song Title Only.   
203 Skills Like This [Full Band Demo]  
204 Sleepers  
205 Smokescreen Vegetarians Song Title Only.   
206 Smothered In Hugs [Cheap Trick Version] Fan-created title.   
207 Smothered In Hugs [Early Version]  
208 Some Drilling Implied [Demo]  
209 Some Drilling Implied [Quiet Version]  
210 Song Of Below Early/Working title or fan-created title.   
211 Souls Explode Song Title Only.   
212 Speak Like Men [Demo]  
213 Special Astrology For The Warlock Tour  
214 Stereotypical Concrete Rhino Song Title Only.   
215 Strumpet Eye [Band Demo]  
216 Stumbling Blocks To Stepping Stones  
217 Stumbling Blocks To Stepping Stones [Acoustic Version]  
218 Superior Patrol Song Title Only.   
219 Superwhore [Demo]  
220 Sweeping Bones [Demo]  
221 Swollen Queen Gasoline Song Title Only.   
222 System Crash Flags  
223 Teenage FBI [Alternate Demo Version]  
224 Tell Me  
225 Ten Trumpet Funeral  
226 That Bastard's A Beauty Song Title Only.   
227 The Brides Have Hit Glass [Full Band Demo]  
228 The Burning Dandelion Prom Song Title Only.   
229 The Chosen Spaniards  
230 The Dodger Of Humble Pie Song Title Only.   
231 The Enemy [Full Band Demo]  
232 The Goldheart Festering Moon Directory [Acoustic Version] Fan-created title.   
233 The Goldheart Festering Moon Directory [Electric Version] Fan-created title.   
234 The Goldheart Festering Moon Directory [Full Band Version] Fan-created title.   
235 The Goldheart Festering Moon Directory [Guitar Demo] Fan-created title.   
236 The Goldheart Mountaintop Queen Directory [Different Vocal Version]  
237 The Happy Song  
238 The Hard Way [Solo Version]  
239 The Humble Decoy  
240 The Last Mule Song Title Only.   
241 The Outpost Of Burning Wishes Song Title Only.   
242 The Quality Of Armor  
243 The Royal Races Song Title Only.   
244 The Scarecrow Years Song Title Only.   
245 The Secret Agent Waltz Song Title Only.   
246 The Singing Razorblade [Demo]  
247 The Tired Old School of Thought  
248 The Walls Of Breva Instrumental.   
249 Things I Will Keep [Band Demo] Fan-created title.   
250 Time Time Time Fan-created title.   
251 Together/Apart  
252 Tomorrow Never Knows Cover of song by The Beatles.   
253 Tractor Rape Chain [Alternate Version]  
254 Tractor Rape Chain (Clean It Up) [Alternate Version]  
255 Transmission Mustard Gas Song Title Only.   
256 Trashed Canned Goods [Longer Version]  
257 Troopers In The Town Fan-created title.   
258 Twilight Campfighter [Full Band Demo]  
259 Twin Rebirth Song Title Only.   
260 Underground Initiations [Demo]  
261 Unleashed! [Rough Version] Early/Working title.   
262 Unspirited [Full Band Demo]  
263 Untitled  
264 Up We Go Fan-created title.   
265 Uprooted Before Seeding  
266 Vapor Dogs Song Title Only.   
267 Vertigo Flip Song Title Only.   
268 Wagons Awake Song Title Only.   
269 Weed King [Demo]  
270 What She Says Is Was Instrumental.   
271 Whiskey On Your Breath Fan-created title.   
272 White Crime Indians Song Title Only.   
273 White Skin And Bone  
274 Why Did You Land? [Demo]  
275 Why Did You Land? [Space Cadet Version]  
276 Why Do You Wanna Go? Instrumental.   
277 Wilbur-Era Instrumental Fan-created title.   
278 Winged Mouse Song Title Only.   
279 World Series Of Psychic Phenomena Instrumental.   
280 Wormhole [Band Demo]  
281 X-Rated Cake Song Title Only.   
282 Yipes (Wall To Wall Ghosts) Instrumental.   
283 Yours To Keep [Longer Version]  
284 Zeppelin Over China Song Title Only.   
285 Zoo Beauty Song Title Only.   
286 Zoo Pie [Band Demo]