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Song Versions

List includes the following ArtistsAcid RanchAirport 5AnacrusisBoston SpaceshipsBun E. Carlos (Featuring Robert Pollard)Carbon WhalesCash Rivers And The SinnersCircus DevilsCosmosThe CrowdESP OhioFreedom CruiseGo Back SnowballGuided By VoicesHazzard HotrodsHowling Wolf OrchestraKeene BrothersKim Deal & Bob PollardKuda LabrancheLexo and the LeapersLifeguardsMars ClassroomThe Moping SwansNightwalkerPhantom TollboothPsycho And The BirdsRichard Meltzer, Robert Pollard, Smegma & AntlerRicked WickyRobert PollardRobert Pollard and his Soft Rock RenegadesRobert Pollard With Doug GillardTeenage GuitarThe Sunflower LogicThe TakeoversWe've Got Airplanes!

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 Includes all song versions played live. Click on song version to view additional information.
# Song Version Notes
1 "Wished I Was A Giant" [Live]  
2 #2 In The Model Home Series [Live]  
3 (The Tobe-Meister) [Live] Dialog only track.   
4 1 Years Old [Live]  
5 14 Cheerleader Coldfront [Live]  
6 300 Toes And Heavy The World [Live] Dialog only track.   
7 5° On The Inside [Live]  
8 50 Year Old Baby [Live]  
9 50-Year Old Baby [Live]  
10 7th Level Shutdown [Live]  
11 A Big Fan Of The Pigpen [Live]  
12 A Boy In Motion [Live]  
13 A Constant Strangle [Live]  
14 A Flowering Orphan [Live]  
15 A Good Flying Bird [Live]  
16 A Hard Day's Night [Live] Cover of song by The Beatles.   
17 A Kind Of Love [Live]  
18 A Number I Can Trust [Live]  
19 A Salty Salute [Live]  
20 A Trophy Mule In Particular [Live]  
21 Accidental Texas Who [Live]  
22 Acorns & Orioles [Live]  
23 Action Speaks Volumes [Live]  
24 Alex And The Omegas [Live]  
25 All American Boy [Live]  
26 All Men Are Freezing [Live]  
27 Alone, Stinking And Unafraid [Live]  
28 Always Crush Me [Live]  
29 Ambergris [Live]  
30 An Unmarketed Product [Live]  
31 And I Don't (So Now I Do) [Live]  
32 And My Unit Moves [Live]  
33 Andy Playboy [Live]  
34 Angelic Weirdness [Live]  
35 Another Dead Soldier [Live] Dialog only track.   
36 Apology In Advance [Live]  
37 Ark Technician [Live]  
38 Arrow And Balloons [Live]  
39 Arrows And Balloons [Live]  
40 As We Go Up, We Go Down [Live]  
41 Asia Minor [Live]  
42 Asphyxiated Circle [Live]  
43 Ate It Twice [Live]  
44 Atom Eyes [Live]  
45 Authoritarian Zoo [Live]  
46 Avalanche Aminos [Live]  
47 Awful Bliss [Live]  
48 Baba O'Riley [Live]  
49 Baba O'Riley [Live] Cover of song by The Who.   
50 Back To Saturn X [Live]  
51 Back To The Lake [Live]  
52 Beg For A Wheelbarrow [Live]  
53 Big Boring Wedding [Live]  
54 Big School [Live]  
55 Big Time Wrestling [Live]  
56 Billy Wire [Live]  
57 Bird With No Name [Live]  
58 Blatant Doom Trip [Live]  
59 Blaze Of Fire [Live] Dialog only track.   
60 Blessed In An Open Head [Live]  
61 Blimps Go 90 [Live]  
62 Blink Blank [Live]  
63 Blue Babbleships Bay [Live]  
64 Blue Gil [Live]  
65 Blue Jay House [Live]  
66 Bob Talks To The Kids [Live] Dialog only track. Fan-created title.   
67 Bomb In The Bee-Hive [Live]  
68 Boxing About [Live]  
69 Bozo The Fucking Clown [Live] Dialog only track.   
70 Break Even [Live]  
71 Bright Paper Werewolves [Live]  
72 Brown Submarine [Live]  
73 Brownie Cop [Live] Dialog only track.   
74 Bull Spears [Live]  
75 Bulldog Skin [Live]  
76 Bulldog Skin [Live, Acoustic]  
77 Burning Flag Birthday Suit [Live]  
78 Burt Bacharach In Reverse [Live] Dialog only track.   
79 Bury The Mouse [Live]  
80 Buy Me A Shirt [Live] Dialog only track.   
81 Buzzards And Dreadful Crows [Live]  
82 Can't Hear The Revolution [Live]  
83 Captain's Dead [Live]  
84 Car Language [Live]  
85 Carnival At The Morning Star School [Live]  
86 Catfood On The Earwig [Live]  
87 Catherine From Mid-October [Live]  
88 Cats Love A Parade [Live]  
89 Chain To The Moon [Live]  
90 Chance To Buy An Island [Live]  
91 Charmless Peters [Live]  
92 Chasing Heather Crazy [Live]  
93 Cheap Buttons [Live]  
94 Cheyenne [Live]  
95 Chief Barrel Belly [Live]  
96 Chocolate Boy [Live]  
97 Choking Tara [Live]  
98 Choking Tara [Live, Acoustic]  
99 Choking Tara [Live, Creamy Version]  
100 Christian Animation Torch Carriers [Live]  
101 Cigarette Tricks [Live]  
102 Circle Saw Boys Club [Live]  
103 Circling Motorhead Mountain [Live]  
104 Circus Day Holdout [Live]  
105 Class Clown Spots A UFO [Live]  
106 Closer You Are [Live]  
107 Cobbler Ditches [Live]  
108 Cocker, Meatloaf And Daltry [Live] Dialog only track.   
109 Cohesive Scoops [Live]  
110 Cold Cold Hands [Live]  
111 Colonel Paper [Live]  
112 Color Of My Blade [Live]  
113 Come On Baby Grace [Live]  
114 Come On Mr. Christian [Live]  
115 Coming Back From Now On [Live]  
116 Confessions Of A Teenage Jerk-Off [Live]  
117 Conqueror Of The Moon [Live]  
118 Contract 5 [Live] Improvised song.   
119 Cool Jewels And Aprons [Live]  
120 Cool Planet [Live]  
121 Count Us In [Live]  
122 Cretinous Number Ones [Live]  
123 Cruise [Live]  
124 Crutch Came Slinking [Live]  
125 Current Desperation (Angels Speak Of Nothing) [Live]  
126 Customer's Throat [Live]  
127 Cut-Out Witch [Live]  
128 Daily Get-Ups [Live]  
129 Dancing Girls And Dancing Men [Live]  
130 Dancing With The Moonlit Knight [Live] Cover of song by Genesis.   
131 Dayton, Ohio-19 Something And 5 [Live]  
132 Dead Liquor Store [Live]  
133 Deaf Ears [Live]  
134 Death Of The Party [Live]  
135 Deathtrot And Warlock Riding A Rooster [Live]  
136 Delayed Reaction Brats [Live]  
137 Demons Are Real [Live]  
138 Denied [Live]  
139 Diamond Boys [Live]  
140 Dick Pants On [Live] Improvised song.   
141 Did I See That? [Live] Improvised song.   
142 Dirty Water [Live]  
143 Diver Dan [Live]  
144 Do Something Real [Live]  
145 Do The Earth [Live]  
146 Do You Like Rim Rock? [Live] Dialog only track.   
147 Do You Love Me? [Live] Cover of song by Kiss.   
148 Dog's Out [Live]  
149 Dolphins Of Color [Live]  
150 Don't Stop Now [Live]  
151 Don't Trust Anybody [Live]  
152 Dorothy's A Planet [Live]  
153 Doughnut For A Snowman [Live]  
154 Downed [Live] Cover of song by Cheap Trick.   
155 Downer [Live]  
156 Dr. Feelgood Falls Off The Ocean [Live]  
157 Drag Days [Live]  
158 Dragons Awake! [Live]  
159 Drinker's Peace [Live]  
160 Drinker's Peace [Live, Full Band Version]  
161 Dumb Lady [Live]  
162 Each Is Good In His Own House [Live]  
163 Earmarked For Collision [Live]  
164 Earthquake Glue [Live] Improvised song.   
165 Echos Myron [Live]  
166 Edison's Memos [Live]  
167 Ego Central [Live]  
168 Ego Central High [Live]  
169 Ema Guy [Live] Dialog only track. Fan-created title.   
170 End It With Light [Live]  
171 Escape To Phoenix [Live]  
172 Ester's Day [Live]  
173 Eureka Signs [Live]  
174 Everybody Thinks I'm A Raincloud (When I'm Not Looking) [Live]  
175 Everywhere With Helicopter [Live]  
176 Evil Speakers [Live]  
177 Evolution Circus [Live]  
178 Exit Flagger [Live]  
179 Expecting Brainchild [Live]  
180 Eye Shop Heaven [Live]  
181 Factory of Raw Essentials [Live]  
182 Fair Touching [Live]  
183 Fairly Blacking Out [Live]  
184 Far-Out Crops [Live]  
185 Fast Crawl [Live]  
186 Father Is Good [Live]  
187 Father Sgt. Christmas Card [Live]  
188 Father's Favorite Temperature [Live]  
189 Feel Not Crushed [Live]  
190 Fine To See You [Live]  
191 Finks [Live]  
192 First Spill Is Free [Live]  
193 Five Years [Live] Cover of song by David Bowie.   
194 Flat Beauty [Live]  
195 Flight Advantage [Live]  
196 Flowering Orphan [Live]  
197 Fly Into Ashes [Live]  
198 Folded Claws [Live]  
199 Fortune Teller [Live] Cover of song by The Who.   
200 Frequent Weaver Who Burns [Live]  
201 Fresh Threats, Salad Shooters And Zip Guns [Live]  
202 From A Voice Plantation [Live]  
203 Frostman [Live]  
204 Full Sun (Dig The Slowness) [Live]  
205 Funk Zeus [Live] Improvised song.   
206 G!B!V! [Live] Dialog only track.   
207 Game Of Pricks [Live]  
208 Gasoline Rag [Live]  
209 GBV Philosophy [Live] Dialog only track.   
210 Generox Gray ® [Live]  
211 Get A Faceful [Live]  
212 Get Back [Live] Cover of song by The Beatles.   
213 Get Under It [Live]  
214 Get Wasted [Live] Dialog only track.   
215 Ghosts Of A Different Dream [Live]  
216 Girl Named Captain [Live]  
217 Girls Of Wild Strawberries [Live]  
218 Give Up The Grape [Live]  
219 Glad Girls [Live]  
220 Glittering Parliaments [Live]  
221 Glow Boy Butlers [Live]  
222 Go For The Exit [Live]  
223 God Gave Us Rock And Roll [Live] Dialog only track.   
224 God Loves Us [Live]  
225 God Only Knows [Live] Cover of song by Beach Boys.   
226 Gold [Live]  
227 Gold Star For Robot Boy [Live]  
228 Gold Star For Robot Boy [Live, Slow Version]  
229 Gonna Never Have To Die [Live]  
230 Good Morning Sir [Live]  
231 Goodbye Note [Live]  
232 Gratification To Concrete [Live]  
233 Gray Spat Matters [Live]  
234 Ha Ha Man [Live]  
235 Hammer In Your Eyes [Live]  
236 Hang Over Child [Live]  
237 Hang Up And Try Again [Live]  
238 Hangover Child [Live]  
239 Happy Jack [Live] Cover of song by The Who.   
240 Hard Running Rabbit [Live]  
241 Hardcore UFO's [Live]  
242 Harrison Adams [Live]  
243 Hat Of Flames [Live]  
244 He Rises! Our Union Bellboy [Live]  
245 Head To Toe [Live] Cover of song by The Breeders.   
246 Headache Revolution [Live]  
247 Heaven's Gate [Live]  
248 Heavy Crown [Live]  
249 Heavy Like The World [Live]  
250 Heavy Metal Country [Live]  
251 Hello There [Live] Cover of song by Cheap Trick.   
252 Here's The Plan: Encore [Live] Dialog only track.   
253 Hero Blows The Revolution [Live]  
254 He's Got The Smallest Dick In The World [Live] Improvised song.   
255 He's The Uncle [Live]  
256 Hey Aardvark [Live]  
257 Highway To Hell [Live] Cover of song by AC/DC.   
258 Hiking Skin [Live]  
259 Hit [Live]  
260 Hold On Hope [Live]  
261 Hold On Hope [Live, Acoustic]  
262 Hold On To Yesterday [Live]  
263 Holy Rhythm [Live]  
264 Hopeless, Pathetic Alcoholics [Live] Dialog only track.   
265 Hot Freaks [Live]  
266 Hotel X (Big Soap) [Live]  
267 Hound Has The Advantage [Live]  
268 How Do You Spell Heaven [Live]  
269 How I Met My Mother [Live]  
270 How I've Been In Trouble [Live]  
271 How Loft I Am? [Live]  
272 How To Murder A Man (In 3 Acts) [Live]  
273 How's My Drinking? [Live]  
274 Hudson Rake [Live]  
275 Huffman Prairie Flying Field [Live]  
276 I Am A Scientist [Live]  
277 I Am A Tree [Live]  
278 I Am Produced [Live]  
279 I Am The Walrus [Live] Cover of song by The Beatles.   
280 I Can Illustrate [Live]  
281 I Drove A Tank [Live]  
282 I Feel Gone Again [Live]  
283 I Get Rid Of You [Live]  
284 I In The World [Live]  
285 I Like To Give Beer To Kids [Live] Dialog only track.   
286 I Love Kangaroos [Live]  
287 I Surround You Naked [Live]  
288 Ice Cold War [Live]  
289 Idiot Princess [Live]  
290 If We Wait [Live]  
291 I'll Replace You With Machines [Live]  
292 I'm A Strong Lion [Live]  
293 I'm A Strong Lion [Live]  
294 I'm A Strong Lion [Live, Cash Rivers Version]  
295 I'm A Widow [Live]  
296 I'm Dirty [Live]  
297 I'm The Frog [Live] Dialog only track.   
298 Imaginary Queen Anne [Live]  
299 Immortals [Live]  
300 Imperial Racehorsing [Live]  
301 In Rock 'n' Roll You Never Lose [Live] Dialog only track.   
302 In Stitches [Live]  
303 In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida [Live] Cover of song by Iron Butterfly.   
304 Instrument Beetle [Live]  
305 Interview [Live]  
306 Intro by Randy Campbell [Live] Dialog only track.   
307 Invisible Man [Live] Cover of song by The Breeders.   
308 Is There A Grandfather Clause For People Who Need A Cigarette Really Bad? [Live] Dialog only track.   
309 Islands (She Talks In Rainbows) [Live]  
310 It's A Pleasure Being You [Live]  
311 It's Food [Live]  
312 It's News [Live]  
313 It's Only Natural [Live]  
314 I've Owned You For Centuries [Live]  
315 Jailbreak [Live] Cover of song by Thin Lizzy.   
316 Jam Warsong [Live]  
317 James Riot [Live]  
318 Jane Of The Waking Universe [Live]  
319 Jar Of Cardinals [Live]  
320 Jargon Of Clones [Live]  
321 John Strange School [Live]  
322 Johnny Appleseed [Live]  
323 Johnny Appleseed/Insane Asylum [Live] Dialog only track.   
324 Jon The Croc [Live]  
325 Jumpin' Jack Flash [Live] Cover of song by The Rolling Stones.   
326 June Salutes You! [Live]  
327 Just For A Moment [Live] Cover of song by Ultravox.   
328 Just Say The Word [Live]  
329 Just To Show You [Live]  
330 Keep It In Motion [Live]  
331 Keep Me Down [Live]  
332 Keep Me Down [Live, Slow Version]  
333 Keep Me Down [Live, Slower Version]  
334 Keep My Down [Live, Slower Version]  
335 Key Losers [Live]  
336 Kick Me And Cancel [Live]  
337 Kicker Of Elves [Live]  
338 Kid On A Ladder [Live]  
339 King 007 [Live]  
340 King And Caroline [Live]  
341 King And Caroline/Motor Away [Live]  
342 King Flute [Live]  
343 Kingdom Without [Live]  
344 Knock 'Em Flyin' [Live]  
345 Larger Massachusetts [Live]  
346 Lariat Man [Live]  
347 Laundry & Lasers [Live]  
348 Let The Good Times Roll [Live] Cover of song by The Cars.   
349 Lethargy [Live]  
350 Liars' Box [Live]  
351 Liar's Tale [Live]  
352 Lie Like A Dog [Live]  
353 Life Of A Wife [Live]  
354 Lightshow [Live]  
355 Liquid Indian [Live]  
356 Lithuanian Bombshells [Live]  
357 Little Green Onion Man [Live]  
358 Little Jimmy The Giant [Live]  
359 Little Lines [Live]  
360 Littlest League Possible [Live]  
361 Living Upside Down [Live]  
362 Long Dumb Intro [Live] Dialog only track.   
363 Look At Them [Live]  
364 Look At Your Life [Live]  
365 Loophole [Live] Dialog only track.   
366 Lord Of Overstock [Live]  
367 Love 1 [Live]  
368 Love Hate Relationship With The Human Race [Live]  
369 Love Is Stronger Than Witchcraft [Live]  
370 Love Theory [Live]  
371 Lover Is Stronger Than Witchcraft [Live]  
372 Low Flying Perfection [Live]  
373 Mag Earwhig! [Live]  
374 Maggie Turns To Flies [Live]  
375 Main Street Wizards [Live]  
376 Make Use [Live]  
377 Males Of Wormwood Mars [Live]  
378 Man Called Aerodynamics [Live]  
379 Map And Key [Live]  
380 Marchers In Orange [Live]  
381 Mascara Snakes [Live]  
382 Matter Eater Lad [Live]  
383 Melted Pat [Live]  
384 Men Who Create Fright [Live]  
385 Mesh Gear Fox [Live]  
386 Met Her At A Seance [Live]  
387 Metal Mothers [Live]  
388 Miles Under The Skin [Live]  
389 Mincer Ray [Live]  
390 Mix Up The Satellite [Live]  
391 Mobility [Live]  
392 Money [Live] Dialog only track.   
393 Moses On A Snail [Live]  
394 Motion Sickness Ghosts [Live]  
395 Motor Away [Live]  
396 Mr. Tambourine Man [Live] Cover of song by Bob Dylan.   
397 Much Better Mr. Buckles [Live]  
398 Much Better Mr. Buckles [Live, Acoustic]  
399 Murder Charge [Live]  
400 Mushroom Art [Live]  
401 Mushroom Art [Live, Acoustic]  
402 Mute Superstar [Live]  
403 My Angel [Live]  
404 My Best Friend's Girl [Live] Cover of song by The Cars.   
405 My Brother’s A Better Guitar Player Then Joan Jett [Live] Dialog only track.   
406 My Daughter Yes She Knows [Live]  
407 My Dog Surprise [Live]  
408 My Future In Barcelona [Live]  
409 My Impression Now [Live]  
410 My Impression Now [Live, Acoustic]  
411 My Kind Of Soldier [Live]  
412 My Son Cool [Live]  
413 My Son, My Secretary, My Country [Live]  
414 My Valuable Hunting Knife [Live]  
415 My Wife [Live] Cover of song by The Who.   
416 My Wrestling Days Are Over [Live]  
417 My Zodiac Companion [Live]  
418 Navigating Flood Regions [Live]  
419 Never Forget Where You Get Them [Live]  
420 Nice About You [Live]  
421 No One But I [Live]  
422 No Sky [Live]  
423 No Transmission [Live]  
424 Non-Absorbing [Live]  
425 North 11 AM [Live]  
426 North 11AM [Live]  
427 Not Behind The Fighter Jet [Live]  
428 Not Behind The Fighter Jet [Live, Acoustic]  
429 Now To War [Live]  
430 Now To War [Live, Acoustic]  
431 Of Course You Are [Live]  
432 Of Mites And Men [Live]  
433 Office Of Hearts [Live]  
434 Old Battery [Live]  
435 Old John Meyer [Live] Dialog only track.   
436 On The Tundra [Live]  
437 On With The Show [Live]  
438 Optical Hopscotch [Live]  
439 Other Dogs Remain [Live]  
440 Our Gaze [Live]  
441 Over The Neptune [Live]  
442 Over The Neptune/Mesh Gear Fox [Live]  
443 Packing The Dead Zone [Live]  
444 Pan Swimmer [Live]  
445 Pantherz [Live]  
446 Paper Cutz [Live]  
447 Parade On [Live]  
448 Paranoid [Live] Cover of song by Black Sabbath.   
449 Party [Live]  
450 Pearly Gates Smoke Machine [Live]  
451 Pearly Gates Smoke Machine [Live] Instrumental.   
452 Peep-Hole [Live]  
453 Pegasus Glue Factory [Live]  
454 Pendulum [Live]  
455 Penumbra [Live]  
456 Perfect This Time [Live]  
457 Pick Seeds From My Skull [Live]  
458 Picture Me Big Time [Live]  
459 Pictures Of Lily [Live] Cover of song by The Who.   
460 Pill Gone Girl [Live]  
461 Pimple Zoo [Live]  
462 Pink Gun [Live]  
463 Piss Along You Bird [Live]  
464 Piss Bucket [Live] Improvised song.   
465 Piss Face [Live]  
466 Pivotal Film [Live]  
467 Planet Score [Live]  
468 Please Be Honest [Live]  
469 Poor Substitute [Live]  
470 Pop Zeus [Live]  
471 Postal Blowfish [Live]  
472 Pretty Bombs [Live]  
473 Privately [Live]  
474 Promo Brunette [Live]  
475 Psych Threat [Live]  
476 Psychedelic Air Flag Suit (Or) The Painful 80's [Live] Improvised song.   
477 Psychic Pilot Clocks Out [Live]  
478 Psycho-Inertia [Live]  
479 Psychotic Crush [Live]  
480 Quality Of Armor [Live]  
481 Queen Of Cans And Jars [Live]  
482 Queen Of Mars [Live] Improvised song.   
483 Question Girl All Right [Live]  
484 Quicksilver [Live]  
485 Quicksilver [Live, Acoustic]  
486 Radical Girl [Live]  
487 Rat Trap [Live]  
488 Ready To Pop [Live]  
489 Reality [Live] Dialog only track.   
490 Record Level Love [Live]  
491 Recovering [Live]  
492 Red Ink Superman [Live]  
493 Redmen And Their Wives [Live]  
494 Release The Sunbird [Live]  
495 Request Pharmaceuticals [Live]  
496 Requiem [Live] Cover of song by Killing Joke.   
497 Revolution [Live] Cover of song by The Beatles.   
498 Rhine Jive Click [Live]  
499 Rhoda Rhoda [Live]  
500 Rock And Roll Soldier [Live] Dialog only track.   
501 Roll Of The Dice, Kick In The Head [Live]  
502 Round And Round [Live] Cover of song by Chuck Berry.   
503 Royal Cyclopean [Live]  
504 Rud Fins [Live]  
505 Run Son Run [Live]  
506 Run Wild [Live]  
507 Sad If I Lost It [Live]  
508 Saturday's Child [Live] Cover of song by The Monkees.   
509 Screw Foot [Live] Dialog only track.   
510 Secret Star [Live]  
511 See My Field [Live]  
512 Sensational Gravity Boy [Live]  
513 Serious Bird Woman (You Turn Me On) [Live]  
514 Serious Birdwoman (You Turn Me On) [Live]  
515 Serious Birdwoman, You Turn Me On [Live]  
516 Settlement Down [Live]  
517 Shadow Port [Live]  
518 Shakin' All Over [Live] Cover of song by The Guess Who.   
519 She Goes Off At Night [Live]  
520 She Loves You [Live] Cover of song by The Beatles.   
521 She Wants To Know [Live]  
522 She Wants To Know [Live, New Version]  
523 Sheetkickers [Live]  
524 Shocker In Gloomtown [Live]  
525 Shocker In Gloomtown/Some Drilling Implied [Live]  
526 Short on Posters [Live]  
527 Shrine To The Dynamic Years (Athens Time Change Riots) [Live]  
528 Silk Rotor [Live]  
529 Sing For Your Meat [Live]  
530 Sing It Out [Live]  
531 Sister Christian [Live] Cover of song by Night Ranger.   
532 Sister I Need Wine [Live]  
533 Sitting Still [Live] Cover of song by R.E.M..   
534 Skills Like This [Live]  
535 Skin Parade [Live]  
536 Sleep Over Jack [Live]  
537 Slow Hamilton [Live]  
538 Smothered In Hugs [Live]  
539 Soggy Beavers [Live]  
540 Solsbury Hill [Live] Cover of song by Peter Gabriel.   
541 Some Drilling Implied [Live]  
542 Song About Your City [Live] Dialog only track.   
543 Sons Of Apollo [Live]  
544 Sons Of The Beard [Live]  
545 Sot [Live]  
546 Soul Barn [Live]  
547 Soul Train College Policeman [Live]  
548 Space Gun [Live]  
549 Space Oddity [Live] Cover of song by David Bowie.   
550 Space Tractor [Live] Dialog only track.   
551 Spider Eyes [Live]  
552 Spiderfighter [Live]  
553 Sport Component National [Live]  
554 Squirmish Frontal Room [Live]  
555 Stabbing A Star [Live]  
556 Stage Comments [Live] Dialog only track.   
557 Starfire [Live]  
558 Start Me Up (Intro) [Live] Cover of song by The Rolling Stones.   
559 Starts At The River [Live]  
560 Steeple of Knives [Live]  
561 Step Of The Wave [Live]  
562 Steppenwolf Mausoleum [Live]  
563 Stiff Me [Live]  
564 Stifled Man Casino [Live]  
565 Still In Rome [Live]  
566 Storm Vibrations [Live]  
567 Street Party [Live]  
568 Strictly Comedy [Live]  
569 Striped White Jets [Live]  
570 Strumpet Eye [Live]  
571 Submarine Teams [Live]  
572 Subspace Biographies [Live]  
573 Substitute [Live] Cover of song by The Who.   
574 Substitute 11 [Live]  
575 Sudden Fiction [Live]  
576 Supernatural Car Lover [Live]  
577 Superwhore [Live]  
578 Surgical Focus [Live]  
579 Swooping Energies [Live]  
580 Sympathy For The Devil [Live] Cover of song by The Rolling Stones.   
581 Systems Crash [Live]  
582 Tabby And Lucy [Live]  
583 Table At Fool's Tooth [Live]  
584 Teardrop Paintballs [Live]  
585 Teenage FBI [Live]  
586 Teenage FBI [Live, Acoustic]  
587 Tenth Century [Live]  
588 Thank You [Live] Dialog only track.   
589 That's Good [Live]  
590 The "Are You Old Enough To Get Beer" Game Part I [Live] Dialog only track.   
591 The "Are You Old Enough To Get Beer" Game Part II [Live] Dialog only track.   
592 The Answer [Live] Dialog only track.   
593 The Best Of Jill Hives [Live]  
594 The Big Make-Over [Live]  
595 The Birthday Democrats [Live]  
596 The Blondes [Live]  
597 The Brides Have Hit Glass [Live]  
598 The Butler Stands For All Of Us [Live]  
599 The Challenge Is Much More [Live]  
600 The Closets Of Henry [Live]  
601 The Enemy [Live]  
602 The Goldheart Mountaintop Queen Directory [Live]  
603 The Goldheart Mountaintop Queen Directory [Live, Acoustic]  
604 The Hand That Holds You [Live]  
605 The Hard Way [Live]  
606 The Hateful Fred [Live] Dialog only track.   
607 The Head [Live]  
608 The Heart, The Lungs & The Liver Of It All [Live] Dialog only track.   
609 The Ids Are Alright [Live]  
610 The Island Lobby [Live]  
611 The Killers [Live]  
612 The Kissing Life [Live]  
613 The Littlest League Possible [Live]  
614 The Modern Age [Live] Cover of song by The Strokes.   
615 The Numbered Head [Live]  
616 The Official Ironmen Rally Song [Live]  
617 The Old Grunt [Live]  
618 The Opposite Continues [Live]  
619 The Original Heart [Live]  
620 The Pipe Dreams Of Instant Prince Whippet [Live]  
621 The Possible Edge [Live]  
622 The Quickers Arrive [Live]  
623 The Rally Boys [Live]  
624 The Right Thing [Live]  
625 The Ticket Who Rallied [Live]  
626 The Unsinkable Fats Domino [Live]  
627 The Very Second [Live]  
628 The Weekly Crow [Live]  
629 The Weeping Bogeyman [Live]  
630 The Who Vs. Porky Pig [Live]  
631 The Worryin' Song [Live]  
632 Their Biggest Win [Live]  
633 These Dooms [Live]  
634 They Call Me The Kid [Live] Dialog only track.   
635 They Might Look Good But They Ain't Good [Live] Dialog only track.   
636 Thimble Society [Live]  
637 Things Have Changed (Down In Mexico City) [Live]  
638 Things I Will Keep [Live]  
639 Think. Be A Man. [Live]  
640 Tight Globes [Live]  
641 Time Machines [Live]  
642 Time Remains In Central Position [Live]  
643 Titus And Strident Wet Nurse (Creating Jeffrey) [Live]  
644 To The Path! [Live]  
645 Tobacco's Last Stand [Live]  
646 Tomorrow Will Not Be Another Day [Live]  
647 Tonight's The Rodeo [Live]  
648 Top Of My Game [Live]  
649 Total Exposure [Live]  
650 Touched To Be Sure [Live]  
651 Tour Guide At The Winston Churchill Memorial [Live]  
652 Towers And Landslides [Live]  
653 Town Of Mirrors [Live]  
654 Tractor Rape Chain [Live]  
655 Transpiring Anathema [Live]  
656 Trap Soul Door [Live]  
657 Troopers In The Town [Live]  
658 Tropical Robots [Live]  
659 Try It Out (It's Nothing) [Live]  
660 Twilight Campfighter [Live]  
661 Two Girl Area [Live]  
662 U.S. Mustard Company [Live]  
663 Under My Wheels [Live] Cover of song by Alice Cooper.   
664 Underground Initiations [Live]  
665 Underwater Explosions [Live]  
666 Unfun Glitz [Live]  
667 Universal Truths and Cycles [Live]  
668 Unleashed! The Large-Hearted Boy [Live]  
669 Unspirited [Live]  
670 Until Next Time [Live]  
671 Uprooted Before Seeding [Live]  
672 Useless Inventions [Live]  
673 Visit This Place [Live]  
674 Vote For Me Dummy [Live]  
675 W/ Glass In Foot [Live]  
676 Want One? [Live]  
677 Want One?/Pivotal Film [Live]  
678 Warm Up To Religion [Live]  
679 Watch Me Jumpstart [Live]  
680 Waved Out [Live]  
681 Waves [Live]  
682 We Don't Do Technology [Live] Dialog only track.   
683 We Gotta Go [Live]  
684 We Liken The Sun [Live]  
685 We Won't Apologize For The Human Race [Live]  
686 Wealth And Hell Being [Live]  
687 Weatherman And Skin Goddess [Live]  
688 Weed King [Live]  
689 We're The Rock 'n' Roll Petrified Forest/The Freaks vs. The Jocks [Live] Improvised song.   
690 West Coast Company Man [Live]  
691 Western Centipede [Live]  
692 We've Got Airplanes [Live]  
693 What A Mother Does For Her Son [Live] Dialog only track.   
694 What Are All Those Paint Men Digging? [Live]  
695 What Is Tricky Woo? [Live] Dialog only track.   
696 When 2 Hours Seem Like 5 [Live]  
697 When We All Hold Hands At The End Of The World [Live]  
698 When We Were Slaves [Live]  
699 Where The Beer Flows Like Wine/8 to 5 [Live] Dialog only track.   
700 Whiskey Ships [Live]  
701 Whiskey Shits [Live] Dialog only track.   
702 Whispering Whip [Live]  
703 White Whale [Live]  
704 Whole Lotta Love [Live] Cover of song by Led Zeppelin.   
705 Whole Lotta Rosie [Live] Cover of song by AC/DC.   
706 Why Did You Land? [Live]  
707 Wild Horses [Live] Cover of song by The Rolling Stones.   
708 Window Of My World [Live]  
709 Windshield Wiper Rex [Live]  
710 Wings Of Thorn [Live]  
711 Winston's Atomic Bird [Live]  
712 Wire Greyhounds [Live]  
713 Wish You Were Here [Live] Cover of song by Pink Floyd.   
714 Wondering Boy Poet [Live]  
715 Wormhole [Live]  
716 Wrecking Now [Live]  
717 Wrecking Now [Live, Acoustic]  
718 Wrinkled Ghost [Live]  
719 Wrong Turn On [Live]  
720 Xeno Pariah [Live]  
721 Yellow Bulldog Legs [Live] Improvised song.   
722 You Better You Bet [Live] Cover of song by The Who.   
723 You Get Every Game [Live]  
724 You Own The Night [Live]  
725 You Satisfy Me [Live]  
726 Your Cricket Is Rather Unique [Live]  
727 Your Lights Are Out [Live]  
728 Your Name Is Wild [Live]  
729 You're Not An Airplane [Live]  
730 Yours To Keep [Live]  
731 Youth Leagues [Live]  
732 Zap [Live]  
733 Zero Elasticity [Live]  
734 Zero Fix [Live]  
735 Ziggy Stardust [Live] Cover of song by David Bowie.   
736 Zoo Pie [Live]