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Song Versions

List includes the following ArtistsAcid RanchAirport 5AnacrusisBoston SpaceshipsBun E. Carlos (Featuring Robert Pollard)Carbon WhalesCash Rivers And The SinnersCircus DevilsCosmosThe CrowdCub Scout Bowling PinsESP OhioFreedom CruiseGo Back SnowballGuided By VoicesHazzard HotrodsHowling Wolf OrchestraKeene BrothersKim Deal & Bob PollardKuda LabrancheLexo and the LeapersLifeguardsMars ClassroomThe Moping SwansNightwalkerPhantom TollboothPsycho And The BirdsRichard Meltzer, Robert Pollard, Smegma & AntlerRicked WickyRobert PollardRobert Pollard and his Soft Rock RenegadesRobert Pollard With Doug GillardTeenage GuitarThe Sunflower LogicThe TakeoversWe've Got Airplanes!

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 Includes all instrumental song versions Click on song version to view additional information.
# Song Version Notes
1 #2 In The Model Home Series [Instrumental] Instrumental. Unreleased track.   
2 3 Bones Instrumental. Unreleased track.   
3 3 Year Old Man Instrumental.   
4 A Proud And Booming Industry Instrumental.   
5 Aerial Poop Show Instrumental.   
6 Alice Cooper Alarm Clock Instrumental.   
7 Amp Rage Instrumental. Unreleased track.   
8 Artboat Instrumental.   
9 Ataxia Instrumental.   
10 Back To The Farm Instrumental.   
11 Bellboy Stomp Instrumental.   
12 Beyond The Sky (Part 2) Instrumental.   
13 Boxing About [Instrumental] Instrumental.   
14 Bread Alone Instrumental.   
15 Chew The Sand Instrumental.   
16 Circus Devils Theme Instrumental.   
17 Cochise Instrumental.   
18 Cody's Antler Instrumental.   
19 Come Outside Instrumental.   
20 Crux Instrumental.   
21 Crux [1993 Remastered Version] Instrumental.   
22 Decathalon Instrumental.   
23 Demons Of The Purple Subway Instrumental.   
24 Devilspeak Instrumental.   
25 Do The Collapse Instrumental.   
26 Do This Instrumental.   
27 Draw A Flag Instrumental.   
28 Dreaming The Temple Instrumental.   
29 Drill Sgt. Soul Instrumental.   
30 Eggs Instrumental.   
31 Escape Instrumental.   
32 Escape From Kama Loka Instrumental.   
33 Eskimo Clockwork Instrumental.   
34 Evil Speaker B Instrumental.   
35 Exactly As Said Instrumental. Unreleased track.   
36 Fascination Attempt Instrumental.   
37 Fether Herd Instrumental.   
38 Find A Wet Spot Instrumental.   
39 Freedom's Monster [Edit] Instrumental.   
40 Frog Baby Axe Murderer Instrumental.   
41 Fruit Weapon Instrumental.   
42 Gift Of The Mountain Instrumental.   
43 Gods Of Richard Instrumental.   
44 Hot Lettuce Instrumental.   
45 I Found The Black Mind [Edit] Instrumental.   
46 Imperial Racehorsing [Different Song] Instrumental. Unreleased track.   
47 Invest In British Steel Instrumental.   
48 Is It Mostly? (It Is Mostly) Instrumental.   
49 Ivanho Instrumental. Unreleased track.   
50 Ivanhoe Instrumental.   
51 Kingdom of Teeth Instrumental.   
52 Lead Walking Shorts Instrumental.   
53 Let's Make Out Instrumental.   
54 Long About Suppertime Instrumental. Unreleased track.   
55 Look Between What's Goin' On [New Intro Version] Instrumental.   
56 Lost Sea Instrumental. Unreleased track.   
57 Mongoose Orgasm Instrumental.   
58 North Morning Silver Trip Instrumental.   
59 Not So Fast Instrumental.   
60 O.K. Robert Instrumental. Unreleased track.   
61 One Big Boss Instrumental.   
62 Pearly Gates Smoke Machine Instrumental.   
63 Pearly Gates Smoke Machine [Live] Instrumental.   
64 People Thing [Edit] Instrumental.   
65 Piece Instrumental.   
66 Plasma Instrumental.   
67 Play Alice Instrumental.   
68 Protect Thy Interests Instrumental.   
69 Puke It Up Instrumental.   
70 Real Trip No. 3 Instrumental.   
71 Rock Time Instrumental.   
72 Rough Tracks Instrumental.   
73 Safe On A Vegetable Instrumental.   
74 Sea Of Dead (Instrumental) Instrumental.   
75 Searchlight Pick-Ups Instrumental.   
76 She It Instrumental.   
77 Soldiers Of June [Instrumental] Instrumental.   
78 Sordid Forst Instrumental.   
79 Speak In Many Colors Instrumental.   
80 Spectacle Instrumental.   
81 Sterility Megaplant Instrumental.   
82 Temporary Shutdown Instrumental.   
83 That's The Spirit Instrumental.   
84 The Bending Sea Instrumental.   
85 The Cave Of Disappearing Men Instrumental.   
86 The Harold Pig Memorial Instrumental.   
87 The Lamb Gets Even Instrumental.   
88 The Other Heart Instrumental.   
89 The Perfect Life Instrumental.   
90 The Walls Of Breva Instrumental. Unreleased track.   
91 To England The Tigers Instrumental.   
92 Tomorrow Instrumental.   
93 Waves, Etc. Instrumental.   
94 We Taught Them Rock And Roll Instrumental.   
95 What She Says Is Was Instrumental. Unreleased track.   
96 What Wallace? Instrumental.   
97 Why Do You Wanna Go? Instrumental. Unreleased track.   
98 World Series Of Psychic Phenomena Instrumental. Unreleased track.   
99 Yank For The Rooties Instrumental.   
100 Yellow Cloud Instrumental.   
101 Yipes (Wall To Wall Ghosts) Instrumental. Unreleased track.   
102 Zeppelin Over China Instrumental.