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Song Versions

List includes the following ArtistsAcid RanchAirport 5AnacrusisBoston SpaceshipsBun E. Carlos (Featuring Robert Pollard)Carbon WhalesCash Rivers And The SinnersCircus DevilsCosmosThe CrowdCub Scout Bowling PinsESP OhioFreedom CruiseGo Back SnowballGuided By VoicesHazzard HotrodsHowling Wolf OrchestraKeene BrothersKim Deal & Bob PollardKuda LabrancheLexo and the LeapersLifeguardsMars ClassroomThe Moping SwansNightwalkerPhantom TollboothPsycho And The BirdsRichard Meltzer, Robert Pollard, Smegma & AntlerRicked WickyRip Van WinkleRobert PollardRobert Pollard and his Soft Rock RenegadesRobert Pollard With Doug GillardTeenage GuitarThe Sunflower LogicThe TakeoversWe've Got Airplanes!

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 Includes all demo song versions. Click on song version to view additional information.
# Song Version Notes
1 (I'll Make It) Strong For You [Demo]  
2 5� On The Inside [Demo]  
3 50 Year Old Baby [2005 Living Room Demo]  
4 A Bird With No Name [Demo Version]  
5 A Boy In Motion [2005 Living Room Demo]  
6 A Boy In Motion [Demo]  
7 A Dozen Blue Overcoats [Demo]  
8 A Good Circuitry Soldier [Demo]  
9 A Hair In Every Square Inch Of The House [Demo]  
10 A Real Stab [Demo]  
11 A Trophy Mule In Particular [Demo]  
12 Alex And The Omegas [Demo Version]  
13 All Hail The Weed King [Demo] Unreleased track.   
14 Amazed [Demo] Unreleased track.   
15 An Unmarketed Product [Bob & Doug Demo]  
16 An Unmarketed Product [Demo] Unreleased track.   
17 Apology In Advance [Demo]  
18 Are You Faster? [Demo]  
19 Ark Technician [Demo]  
20 Avalanche Aminos [Bob & Doug Demo]  
21 Avalanche Aminos [Demo] Unreleased track.   
22 Beat Your Wings [Demo]  
23 Beaten By The Target [Demo]  
24 Blasted But It's Easy [Demo]  
25 Blessed In An Open Head [2005 Living Room Demo]  
26 Blind 20-20 [Demo]  
27 Blink Blank [Demo]  
28 Boil On [Demo]  
29 Boy W [Demo]  
30 Break Even [Demo Version]  
31 Bug House [Demo] Unreleased track.   
32 Bulldog Skin [Mag Earwhig! Demo]  
33 Bulletin Borders [Demo Version]  
34 Catherine From Mid-October [Demo]  
35 Cats Love A Parade [Demo]  
36 Cheap Buttons [Demo]  
37 Chevy Marigold [Demo]  
38 Child Activist [Demo Version]  
39 Choking Tara [Mag Earwhig! Demo]  
40 Christmas Girl [Demo]  
41 Circus Day Holdout [Demo]  
42 Circus World [Demo] Unreleased track.   
43 Class Clown Spots A UFO [Demo]  
44 Cock Of The Rainbow [2005 Living Room Demo 1]  
45 Cock Of The Rainbow [2005 Living Room Demo 2]  
46 Cocksoldiers And Their Postwar Stubble [Demo] Unreleased track.   
47 Colonel Paper [Demo]  
48 Color Of My Blade [Demo] Unreleased track.   
49 Conquerer Of The Moon [2005 Living Room Demo]  
50 Contemporary Man (He Is Our Age) [Demo]  
51 Correspondenceville [Demo]  
52 Cow Headed Moon [Demo]  
53 Cowboy Zoo [Demo]  
54 Crash At Lake Placebo [Demo]  
55 Cretinous Number Ones [Demo]  
56 Daily Get-Ups [Demo]  
57 Dancing Girls And Dancing Men [2005 Living Room Demo]  
58 Dead Cloud [Demo]  
59 Death Metal Kid [Demo]  
60 Debbie X (I Am Decided) [Demo] Unreleased track.   
61 Delayed Reaction Brats [Demo]  
62 Denied [2005 Living Room Demo]  
63 Denied [Demo]  
64 Denied (Riff) [2005 Living Room Demo]  
65 Difficult Outburst And Breakthrough [Demo Version]  
66 Dirty Water [Demo]  
67 Diver Dan [Demo]  
68 Don't Stop Now [Demo] Unreleased track.   
69 Dorothy's A Planet [Demo]  
70 Drag Days [Demo] Unreleased track.   
71 Dragons Awake! [Band Demo] Unreleased track.   
72 Dragons Awake! [Bob & Doug Demo]  
73 Earmarked For Collision [Demo]  
74 Electronic Windows To Nowhere [Demo]  
75 Endless Sea Food [Demo]  
76 Escape To Phoenix [Demo]  
77 Evangeline Dandelion [Demo Version]  
78 Even Today And Tomorrow [Demo]  
79 Evolution Circus [Demo]  
80 Extra Credit [Demo Version]  
81 Fair Touching [Full Band Demo]  
82 Fair Touching [Full Band Demo] Unreleased track.   
83 Fever Pitch [Demo]  
84 Field Jacket Blues [2005 Living Room Demo]  
85 Fine To See You [Demo]  
86 Fine To See You [Full Band Demo]  
87 Fine To See You [Full Band Demo] Unreleased track.   
88 Flight Advantage [Demo]  
89 Flowering Orphan [2005 Living Room Demo]  
90 Fly Into Ashes [Bob & Doug Demo]  
91 Fly Into Ashes [Demo]  
92 Fly Into Ashes [Demo] Unreleased track.   
93 For The Life Of Your Car [Demo]  
94 Frenzy Of Blame [Demo]  
95 Fresh Threats, Salad Shooters And Zip Guns [2005 Living Room Demo]  
96 Generox Gray � [Demo]  
97 German Field Of Shadows [Demo]  
98 Girls Of Wild Strawberries [Demo]  
99 Give Up The Grape [Demo]  
100 Glad Girls [Demo]  
101 Glad Girls [Full Band Demo]  
102 Glad Girls [Full Band Demo] Unreleased track.   
103 Go To The Showers [Demo]  
104 Go Without Packing [Demo Version]  
105 Gold [2005 Living Room Demo 1]  
106 Gold [2005 Living Room Demo 2]  
107 Gold [Demo]  
108 Gold [Original Demo]  
109 Golden Door [Demo]  
110 Goldheart Festering Moon Directory [Demo] Unreleased track. Fan-created title.   
111 Goldheart Festering Moon Directory [Full Band Demo] Unreleased track. Fan-created title.   
112 Gonna Never Have To Die [Demo]  
113 Gray Spat Matters [Demo]  
114 Guts [Demo]  
115 Hammer In Your Eyes [2005 Living Room Demo]  
116 Heaven Suite [Demo Version]  
117 He's The Uncle [Demo] Unreleased track.   
118 Hey Now [2005 Living Room Demo]  
119 Hey Now [Demo]  
120 Hiking Skin [Demo]  
121 Hold On Hope [Bob & Doug Demo]  
122 Hold On Hope [Demo]  
123 Hoot House [Demo Version]  
124 How Do You Spell Heaven [Demo]  
125 How To Murder A Man (In 3 Acts) [Demo]  
126 Hudson Rake [Demo]  
127 Huffman Prairie Flying Field [Demo]  
128 I Am Columbus [Demo Version]  
129 I Am Decided [Demo] Unreleased track.   
130 I Feel Gone Again [Demo]  
131 I For Once [Demo]  
132 I Invented The Moonwalk (And The Pencil Sharpener) [Do The Collapse Demo]  
133 I Love Kangaroos [Demo]  
134 I Share A Rhythm [Demo]  
135 I Surround You Naked [2005 Living Room Demo]  
136 I Surround You Naked [Demo]  
137 I Took On The London Guys [Demo]  
138 I Will Miss You Anyway [Demo]  
139 I'll Replace You With Machines [Demo]  
140 I'm A Strong Lion [2005 Living Room Demo]  
141 I'm A Widow [2005 Living Room Demo]  
142 In Calculus Stratagem [Demo]  
143 In Previous Trials [Demo] Unreleased track.   
144 In Stitches [Bob & Doug Demo]  
145 Inspiration Points [Demo]  
146 Interest Position [Bob & Doug Demo]  
147 Interest Position [Demo]  
148 Internal Summer [Demo]  
149 Invisible Train To Earth [Demo]  
150 Isolation Drills [Demo]  
151 It's Easy [Demo]  
152 It's Food [Demo]  
153 James Riot [Bob & Doug Demo]  
154 Juggernaut Vs. Monolith [Demo]  
155 Just Say The Word [Demo]  
156 Just To Show You [Demo]  
157 Keep It Coming [Demo]  
158 Keep The Gutters Fresh [Demo]  
159 Kick Me And Cancel [2005 Living Room Demo]  
160 King 007 [Demo]  
161 King Flute [Demo]  
162 Kingdom Of The Cars [Demo]  
163 Kingdom Without [2005 Living Room Demo]  
164 Knives [Demo]  
165 Lariat Man [Demo] Unreleased track.   
166 Let It Beard [Demo]  
167 Let More Light Into The House [Demo]  
168 Liars' Box [Demo]  
169 Life Is Beautiful [Demo]  
170 Light Show [2005 Living Room Demo]  
171 Lightninghead To Coffee Pot [Demo]  
172 Liquid Kid [Demo]  
173 Littlest League Possible [Demo Version]  
174 Look At Your Life [Demo]  
175 Love Is Stronger Than Witchcraft [2005 Living Room Demo]  
176 Low Flying Perfection [Demo]  
177 Main Street Wizards [Demo]  
178 Main Street Wizards [Homemade Click Track Mix - Demo]  
179 Make A Record For Lo-Life [Demo]  
180 Make Use [Demo]  
181 Mama Domino [Demo]  
182 Mannequin's Complaint (Wax Dummy Meltdown) [Demo] Fan-created title.   
183 Meddle [Demo]  
184 Meet The King [Demo]  
185 Megaphone Riley [Demo]  
186 Miles Of Concentration [Demo]  
187 Minefield Searcher [Demo]  
188 Mix Up The Satellite [Demo]  
189 Mobility [Demo]  
190 Motor Away [Demo] Unreleased track. Fan-created title.   
191 Motor Away [Loud Demo] Unreleased track. Fan-created title.   
192 Motor Away [Organ Demo] Unreleased track. Fan-created title.   
193 Motor Away [Quiet Demo]  
194 Motor Away [Quiet Demo] Unreleased track. Fan-created title.   
195 Mr. Child [Demo]  
196 Mr. X [Demo]  
197 Mushroom Art [Demo]  
198 My Feet's Trustworthy Existance [Demo]  
199 My Son, My Secretary, My Country [Demo]  
200 My Valuable Hunting Knife [Demo] Unreleased track. Fan-created title.   
201 Napoleon's Class Reunion [Demo]  
202 Never Abandon Ship [Demo]  
203 Night Slaves [Demo Version]  
204 No Steamboats [Demo]  
205 North American Vampires [Demo]  
206 Nothing Gets You Real [Demo]  
207 Of A Mumbling Goat's Beard [Bob & Doug Demo]  
208 Of Course You Are [Demo]  
209 Office Of Hearts [Demo] Fan-created title.   
210 On Short Wave [Demo]  
211 On With The Show [Demo]  
212 Optical Hopscotch [Bob & Doug Demo]  
213 Optical Hopscotch [Demo]  
214 Other Dogs Remain [2005 Living Room Demo 1]  
215 Other Dogs Remain [2005 Living Room Demo 2]  
216 Over The Neptune/Mesh Gear Fox [Demo] Unreleased track.   
217 Over The Neptune/Mesh Gear Fox/Circus World [Demo] Unreleased track.   
218 Packing The Dead Zone [Demo]  
219 Pantherz [Demo]  
220 Paper Cutz [Demo]  
221 Pattern Girl [Demo]  
222 Payment For The Babies [2005 Living Room Demo]  
223 Perfect This Time [Demo]  
224 Picture Me Big Time [Band Demo]  
225 Picture Me Big Time [Bob & Doug Demo]  
226 Pincushion [Demo]  
227 Pink Drink [Demo]  
228 Piss Along You Bird [Demo]  
229 Piss Face [Demo]  
230 Pivotal Film [Demo]  
231 Pivotal Film [Full Band Demo]  
232 Pivotal Film [Full Band Demo] Unreleased track.   
233 Planet Score [Demo Version]  
234 Pluto The Skate [Demo]  
235 Portable Men's Society [Mag Earwhig! Demo]  
236 Poster Of The Open Sky [Demo]  
237 Powerblessings [Bob & Doug Demo]  
238 Powerblessings [Demo] Unreleased track.   
239 Privately [Demo]  
240 Privately [Full Band Demo]  
241 Privately [Full Band Demo] Unreleased track.   
242 Promo Brunette [Demo]  
243 Puzzled King Solomon's Child [Demo Version]  
244 Quality Of Armor [Demo] Unreleased track.   
245 Ready To Pop [Demo]  
246 Really [Demo 1]  
247 Really [Demo 2]  
248 Recovering [2005 Living Room Demo]  
249 Red Bodies [Demo]  
250 Redmen And Their Wives [Demo] Unreleased track.   
251 Request Pharmaceuticals [Demo]  
252 Rocking Now [Demo]  
253 Roll Me To Heaven [Demo]  
254 Rotten Backboards [Demo]  
255 Rud Fins [Demo]  
256 Rumbling Joker [Demo]  
257 Run Wild [Demo]  
258 Run Wild [Full Band Demo]  
259 Run Wild [Full Band Demo] Unreleased track.   
260 Running Off With The Fun City Girls [Mag Earwhig! Demo]  
261 Save The Company [Demo Version]  
262 Searchlight Pickup [Demo]  
263 Secret Star [Acoustic Demo]  
264 Secret Star [Demo]  
265 See My Field [Demo]  
266 Shame Me No Further [Demo]  
267 She Goes Off At Night [Demo]  
268 She Goes Off At Night [Vocals Only Mix - Demo]  
269 Sheetkickers [Demo] Unreleased track.   
270 Shit City [Demo]  
271 Shocker In Gloomtown [Demo Version]  
272 Shooting Fish [Demo]  
273 Shrine To The Dynamic Years [Demo] Unreleased track.   
274 Shrine To The Dynamic Years (Athens Time Change Riots) [Bob & Doug Demo]  
275 Shrine To The Dynamic Years (Athens Time Change Riots) [Demo]  
276 Sister I Need Wine [Cromag Demo]  
277 Skills Like This [Demo]  
278 Skills Like This [Full Band Demo]  
279 Skills Like This [Full Band Demo] Unreleased track.   
280 Slaughterhouse [Demo]  
281 Some Drilling Implied [Demo] Unreleased track.   
282 Space Gun [Demo]  
283 Speak Like Men [Demo] Unreleased track.   
284 Speed Bumps [Demo]  
285 Sport Component National [Demo]  
286 Steeple Of Knives [Demo]  
287 Steppenwolf Mausoleum [Demo]  
288 Stops [Demo]  
289 Stronger Lizards [Demo]  
290 Strumpet Eye [Band Demo] Unreleased track.   
291 Strumpet Eye [Bob & Doug Demo]  
292 Subspace Biographies [Demo]  
293 Substitute 11 [Demo]  
294 Sunshine Girl Hello [Demo]  
295 Superwhore [Demo] Unreleased track.   
296 Surgical Focus [Band Demo]  
297 Surgical Focus [Bob & Doug Demo]  
298 Surgical Focus [Demo]  
299 Sweeping Bones [Demo] Unreleased track.   
300 Sylph [Demo]  
301 Tabby And Lucy [Demo]  
302 Tavern With Teeth [Demo]  
303 Teenage FBI [Alternate Demo Version] Unreleased track.   
304 Teenage FBI [Band Demo]  
305 Teenage FBI [Bob & Doug Demo]  
306 Teeth Flashlight [Demo]  
307 Tenth Century [Demo]  
308 That's Good [Demo]  
309 The Ballad Of Bad Whiskey [Demo]  
310 The Batman Sees The Ball [Demo]  
311 The Birthday Democrats [Demo]  
312 The Brides Have Hit Glass [Demo]  
313 The Brides Have Hit Glass [Full Band Demo]  
314 The Brides Have Hit Glass [Full Band Demo] Unreleased track.   
315 The Enemy [Demo]  
316 The Enemy [Full Band Demo]  
317 The Enemy [Full Band Demo] Unreleased track.   
318 The Finest Joke Is Upon Us [Demo]  
319 The Goldheart Festering Moon Directory [Guitar Demo] Unreleased track. Fan-created title.   
320 The Important Girl [Demo]  
321 The Intellectual Types [Demo]  
322 The Kissing Life [Bob & Doug Demo]  
323 The Laughing Closet [Demo]  
324 The Moping Swans [Demo]  
325 The Numbered Head [2005 Living Room Demo 1]  
326 The Numbered Head [2005 Living Room Demo 2]  
327 The Official Ironmen Rally Song [Demo]  
328 The Possible Edge [Demo]  
329 The Right Thing [2005 Living Room Demo]  
330 The Singing Razorblade [Demo] Unreleased track.   
331 The Tall Chair With One Eyeball [Demo]  
332 The Various Vaults Of Convenience [Bob & Doug Demo]  
333 The Vicelords [Demo]  
334 They Dont' Play The Drums Anymore [Demo]  
335 They Fall Silent [Demo]  
336 Things I Will Keep [Alternate Demo Version]  
337 Things I Will Keep [Band Demo]  
338 Things I Will Keep [Band Demo] Unreleased track. Fan-created title.   
339 Things I Will Keep [Bob & Doug Demo]  
340 Things I Will Keep [Demo]  
341 Time Without Looking [Demo]  
342 Top Of My Game [Demo]  
343 Toppings Take The Cake [Demo]  
344 Tourist UFO [Demo]  
345 Trader Vic [Demo]  
346 Trashed Aircraft [Do The Collapse Demo]  
347 Tropical Robots [Demo]  
348 Try It Out (It's Nothing) [Demo]  
349 Twilight Campfighter [Demo]  
350 Twilight Campfighter [Full Band Demo]  
351 Twilight Campfighter [Full Band Demo] Unreleased track.   
352 U.S. Mustard Company [2005 Living Room Demo]  
353 Underground Initiations [Bob & Doug Demo]  
354 Underground Initiations [Demo]  
355 Underground Initiations [Demo] Unreleased track.   
356 Unspirited [Demo]  
357 Unspirited [Full Band Demo]  
358 Unspirited [Full Band Demo] Unreleased track.   
359 Until Next Time [Demo Version]  
360 Uranus Flies [Demo]  
361 Useless Inventions [Demo]  
362 Vote For Me Dummy [Demo Version]  
363 Want One? [Demo]  
364 War Of The Devils [Demo]  
365 Warm Up To Religion [Demo]  
366 Waves Of Smack [Demo Version]  
367 We Liken The Sun [Demo]  
368 Weatherman And Skin Goddess [Demo]  
369 Weed King [Demo] Unreleased track.   
370 Well Suited [Demo]  
371 West Coast Company Man [Demo]  
372 Whales [Demo]  
373 When Growing Was Simple [Demo]  
374 When The Towel Throws In Itself [Demo Version]  
375 Whiskey Ships [Bob & Doug Demo]  
376 White Skin And Bones [Zoom Demo]  
377 Why Did You Land? [Demo] Unreleased track.   
378 Window Of My World [Demo]  
379 Wings Of Thorn [Demo]  
380 Wormhole [Band Demo] Unreleased track.   
381 Wormhole [Bob & Doug Demo]  
382 Wrecking Now [Bob & Doug Demo]  
383 Wrecking Now [Demo]  
384 Wrinkled Ghost [Demo]  
385 Writer's Bloc (Psycho All The Time) [Demo Version]  
386 You Don't Leave Jeff [Demo]  
387 You In My Prayer [Demo]  
388 You Just Can't Tell [Demo]  
389 Your Cricket Is Rather Unique [Demo]  
390 Zero Elasticity [Demo Version]  
391 Zoo Pie [Band Demo] Unreleased track.   
392 Zoo Pie [Bob & Doug Demo]