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List includes the following ArtistsAcid RanchAirport 5AnacrusisBoston SpaceshipsBun E. Carlos (Featuring Robert Pollard)Carbon WhalesCash Rivers And The SinnersCircus DevilsCosmosThe CrowdCub Scout Bowling PinsESP OhioFreedom CruiseGo Back SnowballGuided By VoicesHazzard HotrodsHowling Wolf OrchestraKeene BrothersKim Deal & Bob PollardKuda LabrancheLexo and the LeapersLifeguardsMars ClassroomThe Moping SwansNightwalkerPhantom TollboothPsycho And The BirdsRichard Meltzer, Robert Pollard, Smegma & AntlerRicked WickyRip Van WinkleRobert PollardRobert Pollard and his Soft Rock RenegadesRobert Pollard With Doug GillardTeenage GuitarThe Sunflower LogicThe TakeoversWe've Got Airplanes!

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 Includes songs that have been included as a bonus track on a release. Click on songs to view versions.
# Song Notes
1 A Star Is Born  
2 Aim Correctly  
3 Avalanche Aminos  
4 Break Even  
5 Broken Brothers  
6 Bug House  
7 Butcherman  
8 Cruise  
9 Cul-De-Sac Kids  
10 Delayed Reaction Brats  
11 Dodging Invisible Rays  
12 Finks  
13 Game Of Pricks  
14 Girls Of Wild Strawberries  
15 He's The Uncle  
16 Hot Freaks  
17 I Am Produced  
18 I'll Buy You A Bird  
19 I'm Gonna Miss My Horse  
20 In The Brain  
21 Invisible Man Cover of song by The Breeders.   
22 Isolation Drills  
23 Key Losers  
24 Kiss Only The Important Ones  
25 Lion W/ Thorn In Paw  
26 Lugnut Blues  
27 Mice Feel Nice (In My Room)  
28 Motor Away  
29 My Valuable Hunting Knife  
30 None Of Them Any Good  
31 Not Good For The Mechanism  
32 Pantherz  
33 Picture Me Big Time  
34 Postal Blowfish  
35 Rat Infested Motels Of Dayton  
36 Really Gonna Love Me Now  
37 Running Off With The Fun City Girls  
38 Sensational Gravity Boy  
39 Sister I Need Wine  
40 Some Drilling Implied  
41 Sucker Of Pistol City  
42 Superwhore  
43 Surgical Focus  
44 Tell Me Why  
45 The Finest Joke Is Upon Us  
46 The Man Who Knew Too Much  
47 The Mind Refuser  
48 The Pipe Dreams Of Instant Prince Whippet  
49 The Power Of Suck  
50 Tropical Robots  
51 Walk In The Sun  
52 We Want Miles (Of Land)  
53 Weed King  
54 White Whale  
55 Window Of My World  
56 You've Taken Me In