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Bug House [2 Versions]

Date Recorded: 1995. 


PublisherNeedmore Songs
SongwriterRobert Pollard
Bass GuitarTobin Sprout
VocalsRobert Pollard
GuitarRobert Pollard
GuitarMitch Mitchell
Drums and PercussionKevin Fennell
Treated GuitarJim O'Rourke
MasteringMike Hearst
Mastering LocationUrban Geek Studios

Other Versions:

Song Version
Bug House
Bug House [Demo]


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Source: GBV.com - Originally Transcribed By John Ferguson (With Thanks To Matt Walters, Clay Didier, Ross Michel & Georgia Kabougeris)


From the aborted "Power Of Suck" LP.

From Jim Greer's old deleted blog (surviving in quotes over at https://officeofhearts.tumblr.com/):

"Steve [Albini] also convinced us to let his pal Jim O'Rourke come over and put overdubs on two songs with Jim's home-made guitar-noise making machine. He made a bunch of noise on "Bughouse and "He's The Uncle," and though I could tell Bob wasn't pleased with the results, we paid him $200 anyway. He was a really nice guy, too.

Later, when we got home, Bob decided he wanted to double his vocals on a couple of the songs on four-track, and add a guitar solo over the "noise" section in "He's The Uncle" (which was supplied by Tripp Lamkins of the insanely great Memphis band The Grifters)."

Appears On:

Artist Title Year Format Label Catalog #
Guided By Voices Suitcase: Failed Experiments And Trashed Aircraft 2000 4 CD Box Set Fading Captain Series 6