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Search Engine Hall Of Fame

Phrases and keywords that people have searched for that directed them to GBVDB.

See how unsuspecting members of the public were introduced to Guided By Voices...

Search phrases/keywords and results
Search Phrase/Keywords Search Result Interpretation
AIRPLANE jive talk Static Airplane Jive EP page were probably looking for pages about the movie Airplane! and the jive talk sequence.
cro magnon language Cro Magnon Studio detail page that includes "Car Language", which was recorded there. probably looking for details on the language of early man
impression voices "My Impression Now" song detail page. looking for sound clips of impressions?
orgasm voices Mongoose Orgasm song page (from the Acid Ranch LP) maybe searching for a When Harry Met Sally sound clip?...
I HATE GBV "I Hate Your Perfume" song page (from the Acid Ranch LP) This really was David Tandy searching people who hate GBV (really!)...probably to report them to La Cosa Daytona.
parakeet voices "Parakeet Troopers" song page (from the Not In My Airforce LP) Who knows...
Reduce a felony to a misdemeanor in NC "Drinker's Peace" song page listing the "reduce a felony to a misdemeanor" lyric. Someone that lives in North Carolina was probably looking for some legal advice...
who invented the moonwalk "I Invented The Moonwalk (And The Pencil Sharpener)" song detail page probably looking for Michael Jackson or whoever created the moonwalk.
witch picture Cut-Out Witch picture disc page probably some kid looking for images of witches.

Some people searching for a "witch picture" ended up on the page for GBV's "Cut-Out Witch" picture disc.