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This is a list of misc items or interesting things that don't fit anywhere else in GBVDB. It includes things like oversized images, scanned articles, etc. More items will be added as I come across them.

Misc Items
Cum Engines collage source From a March 1981 Nat'l Geog.
Cum Engines collage source Closeup image
Bob Pollard EAT mag collage source From 1983 edition of Eat To Win (ISBN 0-89256-228-5).
The Usual Suspects GBV picture from Blender magazine, September 2003.
Striped White Jets candy bar Striped White Jets candy bar created for the final GBV show and given to the people who had VIP tickets.
GBV Austin City Limits re-air ad April ad from the Austin Chronicle weekly for ACL re-broadcast.
Earthquake Glue 8-Track 8-Track created by Steve Ciaffa with EG artwork along with an actual recording of Earthquake Glue. One was signed by the band and the other one (white case) was given to Bob as a gift.
Japanese Tour Flyer 2000 (large) Flyer for the only two shows GBV ever played in Japan: one night in Osaka and one night in Tokyo.
Earthquake Glue Golden Ticket Given away with a few copies of Earthquake Glue. Entitled winners to a free copy of the Hardcore UFOs box set.
1997 GBV Article Written day before 7/10/1997 Pittsburgh show.
1995 Guitar World Article Interview with Mitch Mitchell.
In The Fall Video (featuring Game Of Pricks) Animated Video "In The Fall" Short by Steve Cutts with Game Of Pricks as the music
Signed Rock From Philly Trocadero show, June 7, 1996. Adam & friends met the band after show but had nothing to sign, so they grabbed rocks and had the band sign them: Pete Jamison (mgr), Mitch, Robert, Tobin, and Kevin.
GBV on Dayton Walk Of Fame Guided By Voices on the Dayton, Ohio Walk Of Fame