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Dan Toohey

Member of:

[Bass Guitar]
fig. 4
[Bass Guitar]
Guided By Voices (1992 -1992 )
[Bass Guitar]
Guided By Voices (1994 -1994 )
[Bass Guitar]

Song Credits:

Shown by Song / Song Artist
Bass Guitar
3rd World Birdwatching Guided By Voices
A Good Flying Bird [Live] eyesinweasel
A Hard Place fig. 4
All Used Up [Live] eyesinweasel
At Bay fig. 4
Atom Eyes [Live] eyesinweasel
Awful Bliss [Live] eyesinweasel
Behind Her Eyes fig. 4
Blue Moon Fruit Guided By Voices
Bottle Of The Ghost Of Time [Live] eyesinweasel
Bottoms Up! (You Fantastic Bastard) Whitey Museum
Buzzards and Dreadful Crows Guided By Voices
Chicken Blows Guided By Voices
Contra Koo fig. 4
Dank Star Ground Control A A Bottom
Dirt And Dog fig. 4
Dodging Invisible Rays [Live] eyesinweasel
Dusted [Different Version] Guided By Voices
Dusting Coattails eyesinweasel
Dusty Bushworms Guided By Voices
E's Navy Blue [Live] eyesinweasel
Ester's Day [Live] eyesinweasel
Fishin' fig. 4
Get Out of My Throat [Live] eyesinweasel
Gleemer (The Deeds Of Fertile Jim) [Live] eyesinweasel
Hands And Covers eyesinweasel
Hermit Stew [Live] eyesinweasel
Hint #9 eyesinweasel
Hot Freaks [Live] Guided By Voices
I Saw It There fig. 4
Indian Fables Guided By Voices
Jealous Mantles eyesinweasel
Jump Now fig. 4
Ketiling Park eyesinweasel
Kisses To The Crying Cooks Guided By Voices
Little Whirl [Live] eyesinweasel
Mallard Smoke Brown Smoothies
Marchers In Orange [Different Version] Guided By Voices
Marriage Incorporated eyesinweasel
Marriage Incorporated [Live] eyesinweasel
Melted Pat Guided By Voices
Mincer Ray [Live] eyesinweasel
Mobile Guided By Voices
Motor Away [Live] Guided By Voices
Mr. Japan Red Hot Helicopter
My Impression Now Guided By Voices
Naola fig. 4
Perch Warble 8th Dwarf
Perch Warble [Studio Version] The Bad Babies
Postal Blowfish [Live] Guided By Voices
Preferred Company eyesinweasel
Preferred Company [Live] eyesinweasel
Pure Flesh eyesinweasel
Pure Flesh [Live] eyesinweasel
Queen Of Cans And Jars Guided By Voices
Queen Of Second Guessing Guided By Voices
Scalding Creek Guided By Voices
Scissors [Live] eyesinweasel
Score fig. 4
Seven And Nine eyesinweasel
Seven And Nine [Live] eyesinweasel
She Loves Her Gown fig. 4
Slow Flanges [Live] eyesinweasel
Slow Flanges [Reprise] eyesinweasel
Smothered In Hugs Guided By Voices
Snowman Guided By Voices
Spring Tiger Guided By Voices
Strangler fig. 4
The Crawling Backward Man [Live] eyesinweasel
The Last Man Well Known To Kingpin [Live] eyesinweasel
The Natural Alarm [Live] eyesinweasel
There She Goes Again eyesinweasel
Thief fig. 4
To My Beloved Martha [Live] eyesinweasel
To Remake The Young Flyer [Live] eyesinweasel
Toaster [Live] eyesinweasel
Train Brain fig. 4
Volcano Divers Guided By Voices
Way Way Gone fig. 4
Weed King [Live] Guided By Voices
White Flyer [Live] eyesinweasel
You're Not An Airplane [Live] eyesinweasel
Guest Musician