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Jeff Graham

Album Credits:

Shown by Album / Album Artist

Song Credits:

Shown by Song / Song Artist
(No) Hell For Humor Circus Devils
100% Delay Tobin Sprout
A Birdcage Until Further Notice Circus Devils
A Good Flying Bird [Live] eyesinweasel
A Hard Place fig. 4
A Puritan For Storage Circus Devils
A Trophy Mule in Particular Guided By Voices
Again The Waterloo Go Back Snowball
Alaska To Burning Men Circus Devils
Alien Circus Devils
All Those Things We've Done Tobin Sprout
All Used Up [Live] eyesinweasel
Alone, Stinking And Unafraid Lexo and the Leapers
And I Don't (So Now I Do) Robert Pollard With Doug Gillard
And My Unit Moves Robert Pollard With Doug Gillard
And So On Tobin Sprout
And The Crowd Showed Up Tobin Sprout
Apology in Advance Guided By Voices
Apparent the Red Angus Circus Devils
Are You Out With Me? Circus Devils
As Lovely As You Tobin Sprout
At Bay fig. 4
Atom Eyes [Live] eyesinweasel
Awful Bliss [Live] eyesinweasel
Back To The Lake Guided By Voices
Beat Your Wings Guided By Voices
Blanks Circus Devils
Bottle Of The Ghost Of Time fig. 4
Bottle Of The Ghost Of Time [Live] eyesinweasel
Bow Before Your Champion Circus Devils
Buffalo Spiders Circus Devils
Bull Spears Circus Devils
Busy Bodies fig. 4
Calling Zero Go Back Snowball
Car Language Guided By Voices
Catch The Sun Tobin Sprout
Cheyenne Guided By Voices
Christian Animation Torch Carriers Guided By Voices
Circling Motorhead Mountain Lexo and the Leapers
Circus Devils Theme Circus Devils
Cleansing From The Storm Tobin Sprout
Climb Go Back Snowball
Cold War Water Sports Airport 5
Contra Koo fig. 4
Correcto Circus Devils
Courage The Tack Tobin Sprout
Daughters Of The Moon eyesinweasel
Dayton, Ohio-19 Something And 5 [Live] Guided By Voices
Dead Cloud Guided By Voices
Decathalon Circus Devils
Devilspeak Circus Devils
Dig the Catacombs fig. 4
Digging Up Wooden Teeth Tobin Sprout
Dirty Water Guided By Voices
Dirty World News Circus Devils
Discussions In The Cave Circus Devils
Do Something Real Robert Pollard With Doug Gillard
Do You Feel Legal? Circus Devils
Doctor #8 Tobin Sprout
Dodging Invisible Rays [Live] eyesinweasel
Don't Be Late Circus Devils
Dragging The Medicine Circus Devils
Drill Sgt. Soul Circus Devils
Dumbluck Systems Stormfront Go Back Snowball
Dusting Coattails eyesinweasel
Earth Links Tobin Sprout
Enjoy Jerusalem! Robert Pollard
E's Navy Blue [Live] eyesinweasel
Eskimo Clockwork Airport 5
Ester's Day [Live] eyesinweasel
Eureka Signs Guided By Voices
Everywhere With Helicopter Guided By Voices
Exoskeleton Motorcade Circus Devils
Factory Of Raw Essentials Guided By Voices
Fair Touching [Original Version] Lexo and the Leapers
Far-Out Crops Robert Pollard
Father Sgt. Christmas Card Guided By Voices
Feel Try Fury Circus Devils
Festival Of Death Circus Devils
Fether Herd Lifeguards
First Of An Early Go-Getter Lifeguards
Fishin' fig. 4
Flings of the Waistcoat Crowd Robert Pollard
Forever Since Airport 5
Fortunes Theme No. 1 Tobin Sprout
Foxhead Delivery Circus Devils
Frequent Weaver Who Burns Robert Pollard With Doug Gillard
From A Voice Plantation Guided By Voices
Gargoyle City Circus Devils
Get Out of My Throat [Live] eyesinweasel
Gift Of The Mountain Lifeguards
Glass Boots Circus Devils
Gleemer (The Deeds Of Fertile Jim) [Live] eyesinweasel
Go Gold Go Back Snowball
Hands And Covers eyesinweasel
Hermit Stew [Live] eyesinweasel
Hint #9 eyesinweasel
How Brown? Airport 5
However Young They Are Airport 5
I Can't Freeze Anymore Airport 5
I Get Rid Of You Robert Pollard With Doug Gillard
I Guess I Needed That Circus Devils
I'll Buy You Everything You Own fig. 4
I'll Replace You With Machines Guided By Voices
Impressions Of A Leg Airport 5
In The Brain Airport 5
Indian Ink Tobin Sprout
Injured? Circus Devils
Inkster And King Circus Devils
Intro Airport 5
Ironrose Worm Go Back Snowball
Island Crimes Robert Pollard
It Is Divine Go Back Snowball
Jealous Mantles eyesinweasel
Jump Now fig. 4
Ketiling Park eyesinweasel
Kingdom of Teeth Circus Devils
Knifesong Circus Devils
Larger Massachusetts Robert Pollard With Doug Gillard
Last Punk Standing Circus Devils
Let Go Of My Beautiful Balloon Tobin Sprout
Let's Go Back to Bed Circus Devils
Life Is Beautiful Robert Pollard With Doug Gillard
Lifetime For The Mavericks Go Back Snowball
Liquor Bag Tobin Sprout
Little Bored eyesinweasel
Little Whirl [Live] eyesinweasel
Living Upside Down Robert Pollard
Lizard Food Circus Devils
Love 1 Guided By Voices
Lucifer's Flaming Hour Tobin Sprout
Maid To Order Tobin Sprout
Main Street Wizards Guided By Voices
Making A Garden Tobin Sprout
Marriage Incorporated eyesinweasel
Marriage Incorporated [Live] eyesinweasel
Martini Tobin Sprout
May We See The Hostage? Circus Devils
Mayhem Stone Tobin Sprout
Men Who Create Fright Robert Pollard
Messiahs Robert Pollard With Doug Gillard
Mincer Ray [Live] eyesinweasel
Mix Up The Satellite Guided By Voices
My Kind of Soldier Guided By Voices
My Son, My Secretary, My Country Guided By Voices
Naola fig. 4
Natives Approach Our Plane Airport 5
Never Forget Where You Get Them Go Back Snowball
New You (You Can See and Believe) Circus Devils
No Chain Breaking Lifeguards
No Welcome Wagons Guided By Voices
North Morning Silver Trip Circus Devils
Not So Fast Circus Devils
Of Mites and Men Guided By Voices
Oil Birds Circus Devils
Once I Had A Day Tobin Sprout
Out In The World Airport 5
Peace Needle Circus Devils
Peroxide Airport 5
Pigs Can't Hide (On Their Night Off) Circus Devils
Pinball Mars Circus Devils
Plainskin Lexo and the Leapers
Plasma Circus Devils
Playhouse Hostage Circus Devils
Pop Zeus Robert Pollard With Doug Gillard
Port Authority Robert Pollard With Doug Gillard
Powerblessings Robert Pollard
Preferred Company eyesinweasel
Preferred Company [Live] eyesinweasel
Pretty Bombs Guided By Voices
Protect Thy Interests Circus Devils
Pure Flesh eyesinweasel
Pure Flesh [Live] eyesinweasel
Radical Girl Go Back Snowball
Raw Reaction Circus Devils
Real Trip No. 3 Circus Devils
Recirculating Hearse Circus Devils
Red Hot Halos Go Back Snowball
Red Whips And Miracles Lifeguards
Ringworm Interiors Circus Devils
Rub Your Buddah Tummy Tobin Sprout
Sadder Than You fig. 4
Same Things Robert Pollard With Doug Gillard
Saved Herself, Shaved Herself Circus Devils
Scissors [Live] eyesinweasel
Score fig. 4
Sea Of Dead (Instrumental) Lifeguards
Secret Star Guided By Voices
Selective Service Guided By Voices
Seven And Nine eyesinweasel
Seven And Nine [Live] eyesinweasel
She Goes Off At Night Guided By Voices
She Loves Her Gown fig. 4
Shirley The Rainbow Tobin Sprout
Shorter Virgins Lifeguards
Sick Color Circus Devils
Silver Eyeballs Circus Devils
Skin Parade Guided By Voices
Slick As Snails Robert Pollard With Doug Gillard
Slow Flanges eyesinweasel
Slow Flanges [Live] eyesinweasel
Slow Flanges [Reprise] eyesinweasel
Smokey Joe's Perfect Hair Tobin Sprout
Snatch Candy Robert Pollard
Society Dome Lifeguards
Soft Smoke Robert Pollard With Doug Gillard
Soldiers Of June Circus Devils
Soul Train College Policeman Robert Pollard With Doug Gillard
Spectacle Circus Devils
Star Peppered Wheatgerm Circus Devils
Starts At The River Lifeguards
Sterility Megaplant Circus Devils
Stifled Man Casino Airport 5
Storm Vibrations Guided By Voices
Strangler fig. 4
Straps Hold Up the Jaw Circus Devils
Strictly Comedy Robert Pollard
Submarine Teams Robert Pollard
Surgeon Is Complete Lifeguards
Television Prison Robert Pollard
The Best Of Jill Hives Guided By Voices
The Big Make-Over Robert Pollard
The Crawling Backward Man [Live] eyesinweasel
The Dawntrust Guarantee Airport 5
The Harold Pig Memorial Circus Devils
The Ids Are Alright Guided By Voices
The Last Man Well Known To Kingpin [Live] eyesinweasel
The Natural Alarm [Live] eyesinweasel
The Pilot's Crucifixion/Indian Oil Circus Devils
The Sniffing Hounds Of Plaster Paris Tobin Sprout
The Weeping Bogeyman Guided By Voices
The Wheel Hits The Path (Quite Soon) Airport 5
Then We Agree Lifeguards
There She Goes Again eyesinweasel
Throat Of Throats Go Back Snowball
Tight Globes Robert Pollard With Doug Gillard
Time Machines Lexo and the Leapers
To My Beloved Martha [Live] eyesinweasel
To Remake The Young Flyer [Live] eyesinweasel
Toaster [Live] eyesinweasel
Total Exposure Airport 5
Town of Mirrors Robert Pollard
Train Brain fig. 4
Travels Guided By Voices
Tulip Review Circus Devils
Universal Truths And Cycles Guided By Voices
Useless Inventions Guided By Voices
Vegas Circus Devils
Vertical Insect (The Lights Are On) [Harmony Mix] Tobin Sprout
Way Way Gone fig. 4
We're In The Business Airport 5
When Were You In? Tobin Sprout
White Flyer [Live] eyesinweasel
White Gloves Come Off Robert Pollard
Who's Adolescence Tobin Sprout
Will You Show Me Your Gold? Lexo and the Leapers
Wings Of Thorn Guided By Voices
Wire Greyhounds Guided By Voices
World 3 Circus Devils
Wrong Drama Addiction (...And Life Starts Here...) Airport 5
Yellow Wife No. 5 Airport 5
You Can't Hold Your Women Robert Pollard
You First Circus Devils
You're Not An Airplane [Live] eyesinweasel
Zap Guided By Voices