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Click on Venue to view setlist details. Note: The gigography is a work in progress. Setlists have only been entered for the gigs that have a "# Songs" entry.

Image Artist Venue Date # Songs Audio Video Country
  Guided By Voices Brooklyn Made - Brooklyn, NY [Live, Cancelled] 12/31/2021   U.S.A. 
  Guided By Voices Anchor Rock Club - Atlantic City, NJ [Live, Cancelled] 12/30/2021   U.S.A. 
Guided By Voices Mr. Smalls Theatre - Pittsburgh, PA [Live] 12/18/2021 54 U.S.A. 
Guided By Voices Phoenix - Toronto, ON [Live, Cancelled] 12/17/2021   Canada 
  Tobin Sprout Square Cat Vinyl - Indianapolis, IN [Live] 11/20/2021   U.S.A. 
  Tobin Sprout Ace Of Cups - Columbus, OH [Live] 11/19/2021   U.S.A. 
  Tobin Sprout Monarch Tavern - Toronto, ON [Live] 11/18/2021   U.S.A. 
  Tobin Sprout Nietzsche's - Buffalo, NY [Live] 11/17/2021   U.S.A. 
  Tobin Sprout Johnny Brenda's - Philadelphia, PA [Live] 11/16/2021   U.S.A. 
  Tobin Sprout Atwood's Tavern - Cambridge, MA [Live] 11/14/2021   U.S.A. 
Guided By Voices Beachland Ballroom - Cleveland, OH [Live] 11/13/2021 55 U.S.A. 
Tobin Sprout Brewbakers Cafe - Keene, NH [Live] 11/13/2021 28 U.S.A. 
  Tobin Sprout Brooklyn Made - Brooklyn, NY [Live] 11/12/2021   U.S.A. 
Guided By Voices Thalia Hall - Chicago, IL [Live] 11/12/2021 55 U.S.A. 
  Tobin Sprout Government Center - Pittsburgh, PA [Live] 11/11/2021   U.S.A. 
Guided By Voices College Street Music Hall - New Haven, CT [Live] 10/23/2021 55 U.S.A. 
Guided By Voices Ottobar - Baltimore, MA [Live] 10/22/2021 54 U.S.A. 
Guided By Voices Paramount Hudson Valley Theater - Peekskill, NY [Live, First River Festival] 10/09/2021   U.S.A. 
Guided By Voices Tellus360 - Lancaster, PA [Live] 10/08/2021 52 U.S.A. 
  Guided By Voices Royale - Boston, MA [Live, Cancelled] 09/11/2021   U.S.A. 
  Guided By Voices Irving Plaza - New York, NY [Live, Cancelled] 09/10/2021   U.S.A. 
Guided By Voices Athenaeum Theatre - Columbus, OH [Live] 08/28/2021 56 U.S.A. 
  Tobin Sprout Beachland Tavern - Cleveland, OH [Live] 08/14/2021   U.S.A. 
  Tobin Sprout Saint - Asbury Park, NJ [Live] 08/13/2021   U.S.A. 
  Tobin Sprout Jammin Java - Vienna, VA [Live] 08/12/2021   U.S.A. 
  Tobin Sprout Yellow Cab Tavern - Dayton, OH [Live] 08/07/2021   U.S.A. 
  Tobin Sprout Listening Room - Grand Rapids, MI [Live] 08/06/2021   U.S.A. 
Tobin Sprout Liberty Mountain - Farwell, MI [Live, Free Bird Music Festival] 06/26/2021 16 U.S.A. 
Tobin Sprout Moonflower Studio - Leland, MI [Live] 04/07/2021 10 U.S.A.