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Big Trouble

Hazzard Hotrods

Released: 2000
Format: LP
Label: Fading Captain Series
Catalog #: 8
Country: U.S.A.
Discs: 1
# Tracks: 10
Back Cover Closeup
Pressing Details
Vinyl Color # Pressed
Pink Marble 500 
Dead Wax Inscriptions
Side Inscription
A Change That Chors!
Recorded at MC Video.

Info from Rich T: Basically Bob and friends (Bob, Toby, Mitch and Larry Keller) got together and recorded all the songs at a video store (hence the majority of title names) that I believed the drummer, Larry Keller worked at. It was all made up on the spot.
Big Trouble
Side A
1.   A Farewell To Arms
2.   The Lawless 90's
3.   39 Steps
4.   Tit For Tat
5.   Sabotage
Side B
1.   Big Trouble
2.   Runaway
3.   Get Dirty
4.   Clue
5.   Solid Gold