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Half Smiles Of The Decomposed [ReIssue]

Guided By Voices

Reissued: 08/30/2019
Released: 08/24/2004
Format: LP
Label: Matador
Catalog #: OLE 612-8
Country: U.S.A.
Discs: 1
# Tracks: 14
Gatefold Cover:Yes
Front Cover
Matador Blog Image
Pressing Details
Vinyl Color # Pressed
Clear Red 1700 
Working Titles
"Dreaming of Sleeping"
Reissue info: Back in print for the first time in over 10 years, Guided By Voices' limited red vinyl reissue of Half Smiles of the Decomposed is available today.

"At the time of it's 2004 release, 'Half Smiles Of The Decomposed' was meant to be Guided By Voices' final album. As it turns out, Bob Pollard's a better revisionist historian than the rest of us combined - it merely turned out to be the pause button being pressed on that particular incarnation of GBV, though given Doug Gillard's contribution, one could argue this one sits pretty neatly alongside much of the 2010's output. People will tell you "Girls Of Wild Strawberries" was the hit and since I'm not inclined to look up old CMJ charts (wasn't very inclined in 2004, either) we can either presume that's accurate or simply skip ahead to "Closets Of Henry", which somehow didn't make the greatest hits, 'Human Amusements At Hourly Rates' (sticklers for detail will claim that's because the comp. came out in 2003, but just to put the subject to bed, let's just say it was record company negligence).

After this, it would be another 8 years for a Guided By Voices studio album (and there were three of 'em in 2012, OF COURSE)."

- Gerard Cosloy
Half Smiles Of The Decomposed
Side 1
1.   Everybody Thinks I'm A Raincloud (When I'm Not Looking) 3:20
2.   Sleep Over Jack 3:04
3.   Girls Of Wild Strawberries 2:30
4.   Gonna Never Have To Die 2:17
5.   Window Of My World 2:58
6.   The Closets Of Henry 2:31
7.   Tour Guide At The Winston Churchill Memorial 3:02
8.   Asia Minor 2:23
Side 2
1.   Sons Of Apollo 4:04
2.   Sing For Your Meat 4:03
3.   Asphyxiated Circle 2:50
4.   A Second Spurt Of Growth 2:46
5.   (S)mothering and Coaching 3:21
6.   Huffman Prairie Flying Field 3:14
Total Length: 42:23
Other Formats
Label - Catalog [Format] (Country) # Tracks
Matador - OLE 612-1 [CD] (U.S.A.) 14
Matador - OLE 612-2 [LP] (U.S.A.) 14
P-Vine/Blues Interactions - PCD-23536 [CD] (Japan) 15

Album Credits
Role Name
Art Design "A Burning Lizard Creation"
Art Design Bob Ohe
Art Design Mark Ohe
Collage - Front Cover Robert Pollard
Collage - Inside Sleeve Robert Pollard
Collage Name - Front Cover "Ashes To Ashes"
Layout Bob Ohe
Layout Mark Ohe
Photography - Back Cover Sarah Zade-Pollard
Role Name
Bass Guitar Chris Slusarenko
Drums And Percussion Kevin March
Guitar Doug Gillard
Guitar Nate Farley
Noises And Atmospheres Todd Tobias
Vocals Robert Pollard
Role Name
Assistant Engineer Scott Bennett
Engineer Todd Tobias
Mastering Greg Calbi
Mixing Todd Tobias
Producer Guided By Voices
Producer Todd Tobias
Role Name
Mastering Location Sterling Sound - New York, NY
Recording Location Waterloo Sound - Kent, OH
Role Name
Publisher Needmore Songs
Songwriter Robert Pollard
Role Name
Booking - European Russell Warby
Booking - North American Jim Romeo
Business Management Eric Weiss
Legal Richard Grabel
Legal Ted Harris
Management David Newgarden
Management Joe Goldberg