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Loose Shoes

Cash Rivers And The Sinners

Released: 2019
Format: LP
Catalog #:
Country: U.S.A.
Discs: 1
# Tracks: 32
Front Cover
Pressing Details
Vinyl Color # Pressed
? 500 
Original release info: While searching through the various bits of detritus left behind from the Horizontal and the Vertical, the crew at Rockathon Records uncovered a fully-formed album of unheard Cash Rivers and the Sinners material. The commercial release of this material is explicitly forbidden by Mr. Rivers and his representatives. However, due to ongoing disputes, Rockathon will be issuing this new album as an unauthorized bootleg in open defiance of Mr. Rivers.

Vinyl only. Mail order only. Limited to 500 worldwide.

Unofficial unapproved bootleg LP - $18

*needless to say this turn of events has prompted the cancellation of the 10 month anniversary CD box-set
Loose Shoes
Side A
1.   See Alice
2.   Shemaho
3.   What?
4.   2 Fisted Drinker
5.   Wanna Do A Shot?
6.   Better About Myself
7.   Party Hearty
8.   White Wine Woman, Red Wine Man
9.   We’ve All Been Drinkin’
10.  9:49
11.  Green Beans
12.  No Prob Limo
13.  Tickle And A Twenty
14.  Two And A Half Tanks
15.  Buzz Clip
16.  Brown Bottle Flu
17.  Better 2
18.  Out
Side B
1.   Dick In A Knot
2.   Bobby Bare Promo
3.   Holding Hands With Barry Gibb
4.   Sorm
5.   Walking On Clown Shoes
6.   Feels Good To Be Loved
7.   Athman
8.   Sundown
9.   Too Much Make-Up
10.  The Funky Mummy
11.  She’s Got Fingers
12.  She’s A Lesbian Now
13.  God’s Toe Nail
14.  I'm A Strong Lion [Cash Rivers Version]