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Laughs Best (The Kids Eat It Up)

Circus Devils

Released: 02/24/2017
Format: CD + DVD
Label: Happy Jack Rock Records
Catalog #: HJRR-34
Country: U.S.A.
Discs: 1
# Tracks: 30
Front Cover
Pressing Details
Vinyl Color # Pressed
? 500 
Original Release notes:

Circus Devils (2001 – 2017)

Robert Pollard's freak-rock trio Circus Devils says farewell with a pair of simultaneous releases for 2017. First is their 14th and final album Laughs Last, along with a best-of, double LP collection titled Laughs Best: The Kids Eat It Up (with DVD included). 

On LAUGHS LAST, Pollard and the Tobias brothers take a breathless romp through multiple styles, starting off with the brash hotdogger, "Get Out Of My Way When I'm In Town."  Along the way we're treated to the R.E.M. inflected "I Do the Nixon," the organ-fuzz stomper "Teenage Rooster," and the defiantly conventional "Crucified by The British Press."   Full of high humor and low drama, Laughs Last is the bold exclamation point at the end of Circus Devils' 16-year run.

LAUGHS BEST (The Kids Eat it Up) – a collection of 30 speedy deliveries from rock and roll's Twilight Zone – will leave you exhausted, satisfied, and ready for another spin.  Circus Devils' entire mind-bending catalogue is represented here, including three songs from the brand new album Laughs Last.  While there is an emphasis on friendlier numbers, there is still plenty of the trio's prog psychedelia on display.  

Release date for both albums: February 24, 2017.


1.Love/Hate Relationship With the Human Race (Sgt. Disco)  2.The Girls Will Make It Happen (Ataxia)  3.Don't Be Late (Pinball Mars)  4.Freedom's Monster (Ataxia)  5.Easy Baby (Gringo)  6.New Boy (Sgt. Disco)  7.Backwash Television (Ataxia)  8.George Took a Shovel (Sgt. Disco)  9.When Machines Attack (When Machines Attack)  10.Cyclopean Runways (Capsized)  11.Bad Baby Blue (Gringo)  12.Bull Spears (The Harold Pig Memorial)  13.Ships From Prison To Prison (Gringo)  14.To Be So Welcome (Escape)  15.Dolphins of Color (Five) 16.Monkey Head (Gringo) 17.He Had All Day (Ataxia)  18.Sunflower Wild Man (Remember Him?) (Stomping Grounds) 19.Correcto (Ringworm Interiors)  20.Gargoyle City (Pinball Mars)  21.Girl In Space (Stomping Grounds) 22.Do The Nixon (Laughs Last) 23.War Horsies (Sgt. Disco)  24.Teenage Rooster (Laughs Last) 25.Locomotion Blue Note (My Mind Has Seen The White Trick) 26.Mother Skinny (Mother Skinny) 27.Cockroach Whiskey (Laughs Last) 28.French Horn Litigation (Sgt. Disco) 29.Diamond Boys (Escape) 30.End of The Swell (Capsized)
Laughs Best (The Kids Eat It Up)
1.   Love Hate Relationship With The Human Race
2.   The Girls Will Make It Happen
3.   Don't Be Late
4.   Freedom's Monster
5.   Easy Baby
6.   New Boy
7.   Backwash Television
8.   George Took A Shovel
9.   When Machines Attack
10.  Cyclopean Runways
11.  Bad Baby Blue
12.  Bull Spears
13.  Ships From Prison To Prison
14.  To Be So Welcome
15.  Dolphins Of Color
16.  Monkey Head
17.  He Had All Day
18.  Sunflower Wildman (Remember Him?)
19.  Correcto
20.  Gargoyle City
21.  Girl In Space
22.  I Do The Nixon
23.  War Horsies
24.  Teenage Rooster
25.  Locomotion Blue Note
26.  Mother Skinny
27.  Cockroach Whiskey
28.  French Horn Litigation
29.  Diamond Boys
30.  End Of The Swell
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Happy Jack Rock Records - HJRR-34 [2 LP + DVD] (U.S.A.) 30