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Electric Factory - Philadelphia, PA, U.S.A. [Live, Project Pabst Citywide Festival]

Guided By Voices

Date: 10/08/2016
Format: Gig
# Songs: 23
Type: Festival
Festival: Project Pabst Citywide Festival
Audio Exists: No
Video Exists: No
Tour: Please Be Honest Tour
Gig Poster
w/ Animal Collective, Mac Demarco, Hop Along

Originally scheduled to be outside at 417 N. 7th Street in the Electric Factory Lot, but moved inside due to weather. Festival tweet: "Due to impending weather conditions that may be unsafe, we're moving @projectpabst Citywide Festival main stage inside the @EFactoryPhilly"
Electric Factory - Philadelphia, PA
1.   The Quickers Arrive
2.   Planet Score
3.   Dragons Awake!
4.   Back To The Lake
5.   Tractor Rape Chain
6.   My Zodiac Companion
7.   Game Of Pricks
8.   Psychic Pilot Clocks Out
9.   Royal Cyclopean
10.  I Am A Tree
11.  Hotel X (Big Soap)
12.  Tabby And Lucy
13.  Echos Myron
14.  Cut-Out Witch
15.  Poor Substitute
16.  Make Use
17.  What Are All Those Paint Men Digging?
18.  Love Is Stronger Than Witchcraft
19.  The Goldheart Mountaintop Queen Directory
20.  Please Be Honest
21.  I Am A Scientist
22.  Glad Girls
23.  Of Course You Are