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Not In My Airforce [ReIssue, Remastered]

Robert Pollard

Reissued: 09/09/2016
Released: 09/10/1996
Format: LP + 7"
Label: Guided By Voices Inc.
Catalog #: GBVI-67
Country: U.S.A.
Discs: 2
# Tracks: 22
Front Cover
Pressing Details
Vinyl Color # Pressed
Clear Yellow 2000  (LP Is Clear Yellow, 7" Is Black)
Release info: Guided By Voices Inc. is more excited than a bucket of photo-excited electrons to announce the 20th anniversary reissue of Robert Pollard's first solo album Not In My Airforce. Originally released by Matador Records on September 10, 1996, the album includes several songs that have become fan favoritesand staples of GBV live shows throughout the years: "Psychic Pilot Clocks Out," "Flat Beauty," "Quicksilver," "Get Under It," and "Maggie Turns To Flies," among others. Other album tracks have inspired a band name ("Release The Sunbird"), a music blog ("The Ash Gray Proclamation") and a record label ("Prom Is Coming"). We're pretty sure that at least one British nuclear missile-equipped submarine has been named after "Parakeet Troopers," but MI6 refuses to confirm.

The vinyl version of the album includes a six-song seven-inch single, which was the original plan in 1996, before the bean-counters insisted on combining the bonus songs with the CD and LP. These bonus songs ("Party," "Did It Play?," "Double Standards Inc.," "Punk Rock Gods," "Meet My Team," and "Good Luck Sailor") swelled the original release to 22 songs-not that there's anything wrong with that. Everyone can agreethat more Bob is good. The charming, good-looking, record-buying public would like to hear NIMAF as both God and Bob originally intended.

This is a landmark recording in the Pollardian corpus, in that it both presaged the flood of solo albums, side projects, collaborations, and line-up changes to come, and established the precedent that Robert Pollard, whether solo or in concert with his Dayton, OH, pals, is a flat-out miracle worker of songcraft.

Original pre-release info: The album will be re-released on September 9th. Vinyl only through GBVi/Rockathon.

The format will be it as Bob intended 20 years ago: the LP with a 6 song bonus 7 inch. It has been remastered and sounds great. Not a huge departure from the original, but definitely enhanced especially vocals on a couple tracks.

Matador did not want to pay for the EP so they offered to put them at the end as bonus tracks. But it never was called out properly so people thought those were the last 6 songs on the album. The album ends with Prom is Coming.

LP is on yellow vinyl and EP on black.
Not In My Airforce (LP)
Side 1
1.   Maggie Turns To Flies [2016 Remastered Version] 3:14
2.   Quicksilver [2016 Remastered Version] 1:07
3.   Girl Named Captain [2016 Remastered Version] 2:02
4.   Get Under It [2016 Remastered Version] 2:22
5.   Release the Sunbird [2016 Remastered Version] 1:54
6.   John Strange School [2016 Remastered Version] 1:16
7.   Parakeet Troopers [2016 Remastered Version] 1:34
8.   One Clear Minute [2016 Remastered Version] 0:48
Side 2
1.   Chance To Buy An Island [2016 Remastered Version] 2:27
2.   I've Owned You For Centuries [2016 Remastered Version] 1:22
3.   The Ash Gray Proclamation [2016 Remastered Version] 2:33
4.   Flat Beauty [2016 Remastered Version] 1:51
5.   King of Arthur Avenue [2016 Remastered Version] 1:38
6.   Roofer's Union Fight Song [2016 Remastered Version] 1:31
7.   Psychic Pilot Clocks Out [2016 Remastered Version] 4:03
8.   Prom Is Coming [2016 Remastered Version] 1:55
Total Length: 31:37
Not In My Airforce (Bonus EP)
Side 1
1.   Party [2016 Remastered Version] 0:45
2.   Did It Play? [2016 Remastered Version] 0:59
3.   Double Standards Inc. [2016 Remastered Version] 1:24
Side 2
1.   Punk Rock Gods [2016 Remastered Version] 0:53
2.   Meet My Team [2016 Remastered Version] 1:05
3.   Good Luck Sailor [2016 Remastered Version] 0:48
Total Length: 05:54
Other Formats
Label - Catalog [Format] (Country) # Tracks
Matador - OLE 215-1 [LP] (U.S.A.) 22
Matador - OLE 215-2 [CD] (U.S.A.) 22

Album Credits
Role Name
Cover Bob Ohe
Cover Mark Ohe
Role Name
Bass Guitar Johnny Strange
Bass Guitar Robert Pollard
Drums And Percussion Kevin Fennell
Guitar Robert Pollard
Organ Johnny Strange
Organ Robert Pollard
Vocals Robert Pollard
Role Name
Mastering Roger
Role Name
Mastering Location S.A.E. Mastering