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Medicine Show

Todd Tobias

Released: 04/26/2012
Format: CD
Label: Hidden Shoal Recordings
Catalog #: HSR091
Country: Australia
Discs: 1
# Tracks: 16
Front Cover
Pressing Details
Vinyl Color # Pressed
N/A 200 
From the Hidden Shoal Recordings site: Beginning with the dark groove of ‘Night of the Club Foot’, through the gaseous synths of ‘Pre-Dawn Visitation’, evoking a hallucinogen-fuelled walk among a misty moon-lit forest, to the visceral lurch of ‘Manatoc Enters The City / The Long Fall’, Medicine Show plays out like the soundtrack to a Terry Gilliam movie starring Tom Waits, each song a totally immersive scene, leading inexorably into the next.

From Todd Tobias: Medicine Show is a graphic novel in music form. The story takes place on the border of history and pre-history, and involves a fellow named Manatoc who was raised among a hill tribe of hunting nomads. An invading army of "civilized" men appear and build a walled city, and then go about doing what civilized men do, which is to enslave the local primitive population or else hunt them down for sport. Manatoc serves as a scout for the invaders' army in order to get to know his enemy. In the meantime he has become something of a messiah among his people, including those living inside the fortress city serving as slaves. His adventure leads him to the city itself, where he is double-crossed by his hosts, and meets a sad and dramatic end. It's by no means a cheerful tale, but remember the words of Dr. Seuss: "Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened."

Additional Text from Todd's Bandcamp page: "Some humans were harmed in the production of this album, but no animals were injured."

Limited Edition CD release of 200 copies.
Medicine Show
1.   Night Of The Clubfoot 2:35
2.   Manatoc Is Born 2:24
3.   Half Animal 1:51
4.   Pre-Dawn Visitation 2:21
5.   The Children Follow 2:30
6.   Clubfoot's Return 1:46
7.   Shadows With Teeth 3:18
8.   Flesh Interval 1:28
9.   Asmodaeus And The Unlucky Traveler 1:26
10.  The Pathfinder 2:40
11.  Burial Mound 1:53
12.  Medicine Show 1:33
13.  Manatoc Enters The City / The Long Fall 4:27
14.  Death Watch 1:23
15.  Fanfare Of The Impalers 2:56
16.  Prayers To A Blind Sky 2:17
Total Length: 36:48
Album Credits
Role Name
Sleeve Design Stuart Medley
Role Name
Instrumentation And Noises Todd Tobias
Role Name
Engineer Todd Tobias
Mastering Chris Keffer
Role Name
Copyright 2012
Publisher Visible Man Music
Songwriter Todd Tobias
Role Name
Additional Album Text A Hidden Shoal Recordings Release
Additional Album Text Http://Music.HiddenShoal.Com