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If Memory Serves Us Well

Death Of Samantha

Released: 03/04/2014
Format: 2 LP
Label: St. Valentine Records
Catalog #: SVR-30 LP
Country: U.S.A.
Discs: 2
# Tracks: 19
Front Cover
Pressing Details
Vinyl Color # Pressed
A collection of 18 songs 80 minutes on double vinyl or single CD! The vinyl edition comes with an insert poster. The CD is sin-panel digipack. Both vinyl and CD come with liner notes by Mark Lanegan, Thurston Moore and Robert Pollard as well as a band history by music critic Byron Coley.

Tracklisting found here lists 19 tracks w/ two versions of "Good Friday". Is this correct?

If Memory Serves Us Well (LP1)
Side A
1.   Coca Cola & Licorice
2.   Bed Of Fire
3.   Now It's Your Turn (To Be A Martyr)
4.   Conviction
5.   Couldn't Forget 'Bout That
Side B
1.   Savior City
2.   Good Friday [Take 1]
3.   Good Friday [Take 2 Edit]
4.   Rosenberg Summer
If Memory Serves Us Well (LP2)
Side A
1.   Sexual Dreaming
2.   Blood & Shaving Cream
3.   Geisha Girl
4.   Monkey Face
5.   Simple As That
Side B
1.   Yellow Fever
2.   Turquoise Hand
3.   Harlequin Tragedy
4.   Amphetamine
5.   Blood Creek
Other Formats
Label - Catalog [Format] (Country) # Tracks
St. Valentine Records - SVR-30 [CD] (U.S.A.) 18