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Cock Blocking The Romantics (Happy Jack Rock Records Singles Collection)

Robert Pollard

Released: 04/20/2013
Format: 7" Box Set
Label: Happy Jack Rock Records
Catalog #: HJRR-28
Country: U.S.A.
Discs: 12
# Tracks: 24
Front Cover
Firenote Article - Back Cover Image
Firenote Article - Box Set And Records Image
Firenote Article - Front Cover And Side Image
Rockathon Records Twitter Image Of Box Set Prep
Back Cover
Release info: The Cock Blocking The Romantics Singles Collection features twelve 7-inch singles that originally were released independently from Robert Pollard as a monthly series back in 2007-2008. The A sides are songs from Robert Pollardís 2007 simultaneous releases on Merge Records, Standard Gargoyle Decisions and Coast To Coast Carpet Of Love, while the B sides are non-album tracks.

Assembled in a box set for Record Store Day 2013. 300 box sets with all twelve 7"s. Box was also sold separately for those that purchased the 7"s previously. Includes download code for the b-sides only.

Remaining stock from the original pressing of 1000 were used for the box sets so the singles are all still limited to 1000 copies.

The FireNote had articles posted online on March 29, 2013 and April 19, 2013 detailing the release along with various images of the box set.
1 - Rud Fins b/w Piss Along You Bird [HJRR-01-S]
Side A
1.   Rud Fins 2:18
Side B
1.   Piss Along You Bird 2:16
Total Length: 04:34
2 - Spider Eyes b/w Battle For Mankind [HJRR-02-S]
Side A
1.   Spider Eyes 3:03
Side B
1.   Battle For Mankind
Total Length: 03:03
3 - Current Desperation (Angels Speak Of Nothing) b/w Met Her At A Seance [HJRR-03-S]
Side A
1.   Current Desperation (Angels Speak Of Nothing) 2:14
Side B
1.   Met Her At A Seance 3:01
Total Length: 05:15
4 - Pill Gone Girl b/w Coast To Coast Carpet Of Love [HJRR-04-S]
Side A
1.   Pill Gone Girl 2:34
Side B
1.   Coast To Coast Carpet Of Love 2:33
Total Length: 05:07
5 - Shadow Port b/w Be In The Wild Place [HJRR-05-S]
Side A
1.   Shadow Port 2:59
Side B
1.   Be In The Wild Place 1:54
Total Length: 04:53
6 - Count Us In b/w Sixland (John Shough Version) [HJRR-06-S]
Side A
1.   Count Us In 2:55
Total Length: 05:25
7 - Dumb Lady b/w Street Velocity [HJRR-07-S]
1.   Dumb Lady 2:58
Side B
1.   Street Velocity 3:36
Total Length: 06:34
8 - Youth Leagues b/w Spirit Of The Fly [HJRR-08-S]
Side A
1.   Youth Leagues 2:34
Side B
1.   Spirit Of The Fly 3:51
Total Length: 06:25
9 - Folded Claws b/w Speak Again [HJRR-09-S]
Side A
1.   Folded Claws 2:49
Side B
1.   Speak Again 2:15
Total Length: 05:04
10 - When We Were Slaves b/w Battle For Mankind 2 [HJRR-10-S]
Side A
1.   When We Were Slaves 2:19
Side B
1.   Battle For Mankind 2 3:02
Total Length: 05:21
11 - The Killers b/w Revolver Tricks (Stanley West) [HJRR-11-S]
Side A
1.   The Killers 2:28
Side B
1.   Revolver Tricks [Stanley West] 1:24
Total Length: 03:52
12 - Miles Under The Skin b/w Frostman (Long Version) [HJRR-12-S]
Side A
1.   Miles Under The Skin 2:48
Side B
1.   Frostman [Long Version] 2:40
Total Length: 05:28