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Our Cubehouse Still Rocks

Boston Spaceships

Released: 09/07/2010
Format: LP
Label: Guided By Voices Inc.
Catalog #: GBVI-12
Country: U.S.A.
Discs: 1
# Tracks: 16
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Front Cover
Back Cover
Original Release Notes:
Following three full-length records in only two years, Our Cubehouse Still Rocks is a breakthrough fourth from supergroup Boston Spaceships. Featuring Robert Pollard (Guided By Voices), Chris Slusarenko (Guided By Voices) and John Moen (Decemberists), the band began as a long-distance recording collaboration, but brilliantly hits their stride on this album as an unshakable, actualized band. For a group that took their name from the over-the-top UFO illustrations on record covers from 70's arena rockers Boston, there's no denying a classic-rock flag flying high overhead. Just below, however, there's a bustling churn of art-damaged new wave, echoes of Devo, mid-period Wire and the sour songcraft of the Rough Trade stable.

From the lead-off near-prog sunshine psyche of "Track Star" to the barn-burning album closer "In The Bathroom", the 16 songs fly by in gust of demented high-energy pop. Pollard's visual arts talents, especially his fascination with collage, seems to have integrated themselves into the sonic realm more with Boston Spaceships. While early GBV had the occasional tape cut-up, on this album compositional collage runs through the songwriting, be it schizophrenic structure or a completely random burst of overdubbed drum solos. Bouncing from acoustic psyche dirges to beer-soaked rock and roll, the record is brimming over with hooks and Pollard's incredible gift for melodies so catchy they shine through even the weirdest musical surroundings. Easily the best collection of songs from the Spaceships, some of their strongest tunes meet up with expertly-produced sonic landscapes.

More than anything on this record Pollard sounds rejuvenated and excited. At this point, literally thousands of songs into a decades-long career, that kind of unprecedented prolific output could result in a few phoned-in numbers. But once again this is not the case. Our Cubehouse Still Rocks is the sound of a band alive with the energy and excitement of making a brand new incredible noise. Every second feels electric.

Original release date was going to be 5/25/2010 but changed to 9/7/2010.
Our Cubehouse Still Rocks
Other Side
1.   Track Star 3:08
2.   John The Dwarf Wants To Become An Angel 2:49
3.   I See You Coming 2:53
4.   Fly Away (Terry Sez) 2:46
5.   Trick Of The Telekinetic Newlyweds 2:36
6.   Saints Don't Lie 3:09
7.   The British And The French 1:45
8.   Unshaven Bird 2:28
This Side
1.   Come On Baby Grace 2:34
2.   Freedom Rings 3:53
3.   Stunted 2:12
4.   Bombadine 2:07
5.   Airwaves 2:29
6.   Dunkirk Is Frozen 2:45
7.   King Green Stamp 1:53
8.   In The Bathroom (Up 1/2 The Night) 3:08
Total Length: 42:35
Other Formats
Label - Catalog [Format] (Country) # Tracks
Guided By Voices Inc. - GBVI-12 [CD] (U.S.A.) 16

Album Credits
Role Name
Artwork Robert Pollard
Layout Rich Turiel
Layout Robert Pollard
Role Name
Bass Guitar Chris Slusarenko
Drums John Moen
Guitar Chris Slusarenko
Keyboards Chris Slusarenko
Keyboards Jonathan Drews
Percussion John Moen
Percussion Jonathan Drews
Vocals Robert Pollard
Role Name
Engineer (Doug Gillard's Guitars) Travis Harrison
Engineer (Music) Chris Slusarenko
Engineer (Music) Jonathan Drews
Engineer (Vocals) Todd Tobias
Mastering Carl Saff
Role Name
Mastering Location Chicago, IL
Recording Location (Doug Gillard's Guitars) Serious Business Music - New York, NY
Recording Location (Music) Last Of The Explorers - Portland, OR
Recording Location (Vocals) Waterloo Sound - Brecksville, OH
Role Name
Copyright 2010
Publisher Needmore Songs
Songwriter Robert Pollard
Role Name
Behind The Scenes David Newgarden
Behind The Scenes Matt Davis
Business Management Eric Weiss
Legal Richard Grabel
Role Name
Additional Album Text A Factory Of Raw Essentials Product
Additional Album Text Everything It's The Boy!
Thanks Herman Jolly
Thanks Jeff Saltzman
Thanks Michael Carothers