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Elephant Jokes Outtakes

Robert Pollard

This is a list of outtakes, b-sides, or demos for an album. This is not an actual release.
Released: 2009
Format: Album Outtakes
Catalog #:
Discs: 1
# Tracks: 10
These are outtakes from the Elephant Jokes sessions. The songs were included in the original version of Elephant Jokes but were later cut when the album was pared down to the release version.

All of these songs were released on the Suitcase 3 box set.
Elephant Jokes Outtakes
1.   Tired Of Knocking
2.   Dropping The Bomb
3.   The Annex
4.   Night Ears
5.   I'll Come (And When It Does It's Mine)
6.   Candy Machine
7.   Cochise
8.   100 Colors
9.   Naked Believer (I Am)
10.  Out Of The House