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Jar Of Jam Ton Of Bricks


Released: 06/09/2009
Format: LP
Label: Happy Jack Rock Records
Catalog #: HJRR-23
Country: U.S.A.
Discs: 1
# Tracks: 14
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Front Cover
Release Notes: The latest collaboration project from Robert Pollard comes with a bit of a twist. Pollard hooks up with another indie rock icon Richard Davies (THE MOLES, CARDINAL) to bring you the band Cosmos. On Jar Of Jam Ton Of Bricks vocal duties are split between the two heavyweights. Pollard takes lead vocals on eight songs, Davies on four. Davies enlists some of his Massachusetts merry men to assist with the music including David Minehan (THE NEIGHBORHOODS) and Malcom Travis (HUMAN SEXUAL RESPONSE, SUGAR). Jar Of Jam Ton Of Bricks flows back and forth between the atmospheric acoustic sounds with great Pollard melodies on top (Sudden Storms Are Normal, Just By Pushing A Button) to the all out pop rockers (Nude Metropolis, Westward Ho). The album concludes with a bang with the emotionally charged Davies sung tune Hail Mary.

From Magnet December 2008 article: The most intriguing release is the Cosmos LP, a "postal rock" collaboration with Australian singer/songwriter Richard Davies of Cardinal and Moles fame (relatively speaking). As usual with this kind of Pollard project, Pollard wrote lyrics and melodies, singing over Daviesí backing tracks. The difference with Jar Of Jam Ton Of Bricks is that it will include four tunes Davies submitted with his vocals that Pollard elected to keep as is.

Jar Of Jam Ton Of Bricks
Side A
1.   Stoke Newington Blitzkrieg 0:56
2.   Don't Be A Shy Nurse 3:29
3.   Nude Metropolis 2:54
4.   You Had To Be There 2:23
5.   Grapes Of Wrath 3:24
6.   Sudden Storms Are Normal 3:02
7.   Zepplin Commander 3:24
Side B
1.   Enter Moonlight 0:38
2.   For The Whiz Kid 1:25
3.   The Neighborhood Trapeze 3:15
4.   Just By Pushing A Button 2:04
5.   Early Chill Early Crow 1:41
6.   Westward Ho 2:46
7.   Hail Mary 3:04
Total Length: 34:25
Other Formats
Label - Catalog [Format] (Country) # Tracks
Happy Jack Rock Records - HJRR-23 [CD] (U.S.A.) 14

Album Credits
Role Name
Art Design Robert Pollard
Layout Rich Turiel
Role Name
Bass Guitar Steve Brodsky
Drums And Percussion Malcom Travis
Drums And Percussion Steve Brodsky
Guitar Dave Minehan
Guitar Jabe Beyer
Guitar Steve Brodsky
Vocals Richard Davies
Vocals Robert Pollard
Role Name
Engineer (Music) Dave Minehan
Engineer (Vocals) Todd Tobias
Producer Dave Minehan
Producer Todd Tobias
Role Name
Recording Location (Music) Waltham, MA
Recording Location (Vocals) Waterloo Sound - Kent, OH