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Superman Was A Rocker

Robert Pollard

Released: 01/29/2008
Format: LP
Label: Happy Jack Rock Records
Catalog #: HJRR-15
Country: U.S.A.
Discs: 1
# Tracks: 13
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Pressing Details
Vinyl Color # Pressed
Black ?  
Original Release Info:

Robert Pollard's Superman Was A Rocker is a return to old ways for Bob. This mini-album (13 songs, 30 minutes) finds Bob using recording methods that he hasn't engaged in since the old GBV days.
Bob recently poured through a bunch of old cassette tapes of his and found some great instrumentals that he either wrote or co-wrote, and never used. He decided to go into the studio and put vocals (and melodies!) over them. The music spans a 20+ year period
Due to the span of time and body of work from which the clips were accessed, many of the classic GBV alumni appear on this album; Tobin Sprout, Mitch Mitchell, Kevin Fennell, Doug Gillard, Nate Farley.
This is the most FUN Bob album in year.

From Rich T: Robert Pollard - Superman Was A Rocker mini-cd/lp (Happy Jack Rock Records) late January

I'll expand upon the album a bit to let you all know that Superman Was A Rocker is the first Bob album since way way way back that he recorded in this method. He found 15 instrumentals that he either wrote or co-wrote dating from about 20 years ago until recent times and he went to Kent and put vocals/melodies over each of them. So all the music had been previously recorded which means that the following people appear on this album; Mitch Mitchell, Kevin Fennell, Tobin Sprout, Kevin March, Doug Gillard, Tim Tobias, Nate Farley. The final song of the album actually is the full original recoring with vocals from back in the GBV basement days.

15 songs 30 minutes

The original concept of Zoom was going to include songs written by the other members of GBV. That idea died but not before Kevin and Bob actually wrote a song together. Kevin plays guitar very well actually. So this is a song that is truly co-written by Bob and Kevin.

Album cover to be one of the Warhol Bob images created by Crunch from DTS


RECORDED 1980-2007
Superman Was A Rocker
Side One
1.   Another Man's Blood 3:43
2.   Go Down First 2:04
3.   Back To The Farm 4:13
4.   Substitute Heaven 3:03
5.   Prince Alphabet 2:07
Side Two
1.   You Drove The Snake Crazy 1:56
2.   Surveillance 2:21
3.   Fascination Attempt 0:26
4.   Love Your Spaceman 2:25
5.   Jumping 1:48
6.   St. Leroy 1:40
7.   Peacock 2:10
8.   More Hot Dogs Please 2:23
Total Length: 30:19
Other Formats
Label - Catalog [Format] (Country) # Tracks
Happy Jack Rock Records - HJRR-15 [CD] (U.S.A.) 13

Album Credits
Role Name
Art Design Robert Pollard
Cover Robert Pollard
Cover Illustration David Crunelle
Cover Photo Sarah Zade-Pollard
Role Name
Engineer (Vocals) Todd Tobias
Producer Robert Pollard
Producer Todd Tobias
Role Name
Recording Location (Vocals) Waterloo Sound - Kent, OH