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Coast To Coast Carpet Of Love

Robert Pollard

Released: 10/09/2007
Format: LP
Label: Merge Records
Catalog #: MRG307
Country: U.S.A.
Discs: 1
# Tracks: 16
Front Cover
Back Cover
Front cover collage by Robert Pollard is titled "After Love There's Man".

Note: At least on the first Merge pressings the vinyl labels are on the wrong side. So, Side 1 is actually Side 2 and Side 2 is actually Side 1. Compare the track times listed to the vinyl grooves if you are not sure.
Coast To Coast Carpet Of Love
Side 1
1.   Our Gaze 3:21
2.   Count Us In 2:55
3.   Exactly What Words Mean 1:29
4.   Current Desperation (Angels Speak Of Nothing) 2:14
5.   Dumb Lady 2:58
6.   Rud Fins 2:18
7.   Customer's Throat 2:00
8.   Miles Under The Skin 2:47
Side 2
1.   Penumbra 1:50
2.   Slow Hamilton 2:43
3.   Looks Is What You Have 2:12
4.   I Clap For Strangers 1:48
5.   Life Of A Wife 2:00
6.   Youth Leagues 2:33
7.   When We Were Slaves 2:19
8.   Nicely Now 1:51
Total Length: 37:18
Other Formats
Label - Catalog [Format] (Country) # Tracks
Merge Records - MRG307 [CD] (U.S.A.) 16

Album Credits
Role Name
Art Design Maggie Fost
Collage - Back Cover Robert Pollard
Collage Name - Back Cover "After Love There's Man"
Layout Brian Erickson
Photography Sarah Zade-Pollard
Role Name
Bass Guitar Todd Tobias
Drums And Percussion Todd Tobias
Guitar Todd Tobias
Keyboards Todd Tobias
Vocals Robert Pollard
Role Name
Engineer Todd Tobias
Mastering Chris Keffer
Mixing Todd Tobias
Producer Todd Tobias
Role Name
Mastering Location Magnetic North - Cleveland, OH
Mixing Location Waterloo Sound - Kent, OH
Recording Location Waterloo Sound - Kent, OH
Role Name
Booking Jim Romeo
Business Management Eric Weiss
Legal Richard Grabel
Management David Newgarden
Management Joe Goldberg