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Embassy - London, ON, Canada, Canada [Live]

Guided By Voices

Date: 10/11/2001
Format: Gig
# Songs: 32
Audio Exists: Yes
Video Exists: No
Gig was most likely a make-up for the 7/15/2001, which I believe was cancelled (although, not 100% sure) due to Jon McCann's broken hand. On the audience recording of this show Bob mentions London, Ontario, Canada. He doesn't say the venue's name, but does say that it's owned by "Helen" and this is the last show under her management as she's selling/sold the club. A google search confirmed it was the Embassy and it was most likely just changing hands as a new owner took over sometime after that in 2001. The last song "Don't Stop Now" is cut on the tape so it isn't clear if any other songs were played after that. Additional info on club:


The Embassy Hotel was originally built in the 1900's and is currently London's oldest Hotel still in operation. In 1977 the Embassy Hotel was acquired by former owner Helen Haller and remained solely a hotel until 1981 at which time live music was introduced as the Embassy's main entertainment. Although the clubs original focus was on Country music local London punk legends like 63 Monroe also made appearances as well as international acts like Black Flag (the club was even mentioned in Henry Rollins' book "Get In The Van"). In 1990 the Embassy Hotel switched music formats and began showcasing various bands from different genres like indie, hip hop, rock, folk, jazz, punk, hardcore, blues etc. (no more Country) and over the years has been regarded by many bands and tour managers as one of the best they have seen for it's size. In 2001 the Embassy was sold to current owners Gary and Brandon Walters. To keep the transition as smooth as possible they decided to keep the format the same in both rooms. Noticing the sound quality in both rooms was lacking they promptly upgraded the systems and have made many other changes to better help the clientele and promote a more comfortable atmosphere.
Embassy - London, ON, Canada
1.   Visit This Place
2.   Things I Will Keep
3.   Wings Of Thorn
4.   Run Wild
5.   Watch Me Jumpstart
6.   Tight Globes
7.   Storm Vibrations
8.   Mushroom Art
9.   In Stitches
10.  I Drove A Tank
11.  Alone, Stinking And Unafraid
12.  Glad Girls
13.  Action Speaks Volumes
14.  Submarine Teams
15.  The Brides Have Hit Glass
16.  The Enemy
17.  Waved Out
18.  Tractor Rape Chain
19.  Edison's Memos
20.  Back To The Lake
21.  Fair Touching
22.  Twilight Campfighter
23.  Car Language
24.  Game Of Pricks
25.  Settlement Down
26.  Skills Like This
27.  Unspirited
28.  Girl Named Captain
29.  Shocker In Gloomtown
30.  Instrument Beetle
31.  Cut-Out Witch
32.  Don't Stop Now