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Original Power Of Suck Demos

Guided By Voices

This is a list of songs that were to appear on this proposed/aborted/unreleased album. This is not an actual release.
Released: 1995
Format: Proposed/Aborted Album
Catalog #:
Info from Jim Greer's book Hunting Accidents. Could this have been recorded in early 1995, maybe January? Just a guess on the date.
Original Power Of Suck Demos
Contains multiple tracks, including:
Pantherz [Demo]
Debbie X (I Am Decided) [Demo]
Drag Days [Demo]
Trader Vic [Demo]
Bug House [Demo]
He's The Uncle [Demo]
Sheetkickers [Demo]
Pink Drink [Demo]
Why Did You Land? [Demo]
Don't Stop Now [Demo]