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All That Is Holy

Psycho And The Birds

Released: 05/02/2006
Format: CD
Label: Fading Captain Series
Catalog #: 41
Country: U.S.A.
Discs: 1
# Tracks: 17
Front Cover
Back Cover
Original Release Notes: Non-stop. This would be the easiest way to describe Robert Pollard's work ethic. When he sits down to write a song or two, odds are he will just go ahead and bang out a full album. At least that is what happened here with 'All That Is Holy.' Sitting in front of his little tape deck, Robert wrote all of these songs in one sitting. He sent the boom box recordings to Todd Tobias, Producer For Life, who then took them and molded them into tiny psych masterpieces. The vocals are slightly buried beneath the instrumentation, but the warmth of the tracks and the melodies still shine through. I would say these are all sketches of what someday may become classics. With the nature of this release being what it is, we are keeping it pretty limited and special for the fans. Get in early. The vinyl version will be limited to 1000 copies.

Additional Luna Info: Big day! I have just added 4 new Fading Captain Series titles below. All of them will be released throughout the month of May (some in stores, some are mailorder / tour only). However, when you place your order through RobertPollard.net and LUNA music, we will ship everything together during the first week of May, saving you multiple trips to your local record store. Due to production times, only the CD VERSIONS WILL BE AVAILABLE IN MAY. THE LP'S WILL FOLLOW BY ONE MONTH. If you order both CD AND VINYL your order will ship at TWO DIFFERENT times. The CD's first and the VINYL second. The only vinyl that will be available immediately is the "Love Is Stronger Than Witchcraft" 7" - this will ship with the CD versions of the new releases.

Original release info from RobertPollard.net: Bob has three new side projects that will be released in May. Psycho and the Birds, The Takeovers and Keene Brothers are the newest additions to the Fading Captain family. Psycho and the Birds is a new collaboration with Todd Tobias. Bob records songs boombox style and sends them to Todd to dress them up. The Takeovers is a collaboration with former GBV bass player Chris Slusarenko. Chris enlists some of his friends from the Northwest to help out (Sam Coomes - Quasi; Dan Peters - Mudhoney just to name a couple). The Keene Brothers is a collaboration project with Bob and Tommy Keene. It's pure pop magic when those two get together. The 3 LPs will be released every other week starting on May 2nd Ordering details on the LPs will be coming shortly.
All That Is Holy
1.   The Killers [Different Version] 1:59
2.   Suffer The Son 2:03
3.   Alibible [Different Version] 1:51
4.   Father Is Good 2:09
5.   Blood Witness 1:44
6.   Late Night Scamerica [Different Version] 2:14
7.   Oh My Chosen One 1:33
8.   Alabama Sunrise 1:12
9.   Kiss You/Kill You 1:50
10.  Jesus The Clockwork 2:44
11.  She's Around 1:41
12.  Disturbed 2:41
13.  Yes An Article 1:36
14.  Hello Forever 2:19
15.  Break Some Concentration 2:00
16.  Nation Gone Dry 1:44
17.  Frozen Vegetable Fiction 2:29
Total Length: 33:49
Other Formats
Label - Catalog [Format] (Country) # Tracks
Fading Captain Series - 41 [LP] (U.S.A.) 17

Album Credits
Role Name
Acoustic Guitar Robert Pollard
Instrumentation And Noises Todd Tobias
Vocals Robert Pollard
Role Name
Engineer Robert Pollard
Engineer Todd Tobias
Mixing Todd Tobias
Producer Todd Tobias