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Hara Arena - Dayton, OH, U.S.A. [Live]

Guided By Voices

Date: 03/18/1994
Format: Gig
# Songs: 17
Audio Exists: No
Video Exists: Yes
Gig Ad - Dayton Voice 3/17/1994
Gig Ad - Dayton Voice 3/17/1994 - GBV Closeup
With the Breeders, Afghan Whigs, Gaunt, New Bomb Turks.

Soundcheck songs: Pimple Zoo, Gold Star For Robot Boy

Part of video recording is included in the Some Drinking Implied DVD in the "Arena Rock Show" chapter.

Sponic Magazine (http://www.sponiczine.com/article_detail.asp?id=255): "On March 18, GBV played to its biggest audience yet. Dayton's massive Hara Arena - home to many a car show and hair-metal concert - hosted an impressive Ohio lineup including Dayton's Breeders, Cincinnati's Afghan Whigs, and two Columbus punk bands: Gaunt and New Bomb Turks. The Breeders and The Afghan Whigs were flourishing on the airwaves and the packed venue reflected their commercial draw. The show represented bassist Dan Toohey's last live performance with GBV. Significantly, it was also the first time Dave Doughman (of Swearing at Motorists) had seen the band. He had just moved to Dayton that week before, and would later work extensively with the band."

Mitch (http://www.gbv.com/mitcharticle.html): "Not long ago, we did actually play at the Hara Arena with the Breeders, and there were like 5,000 people there. It was so weird, because we d grown up going to these shows, saying man, I d love to play here one day. Goddamn. And then going to that point where you actually step out on the stage at Hara Arena and you look out and see 5,000 people and you re going, Goddamn, this is great. It super-charges you. That s what rock and roll is supposed to be about."
Hara Arena - Dayton, OH
1.   Pimple Zoo
2.   Gold Star For Robot Boy
3.   Some Drilling Implied
4.   Striped White Jets
5.   Shocker In Gloomtown
6.   I Am A Scientist
7.   On The Tundra
8.   Tractor Rape Chain
9.   Break Even
10.  My Impression Now
11.  Exit Flagger
12.  Non-Absorbing
13.  Weed King
14.  Drinker's Peace
15.  Cruise
16.  Unleashed! The Large-Hearted Boy
17.  Blatant Doom Trip