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Clouds Forming Crowns

Clouds Forming Crowns

Released: 01/17/2005
Format: CD
Label: Morphius
Catalog #: DFM-066
Country: U.S.A.
Discs: 1
# Tracks: 16
Front Cover
Release info:

Clouds Forming Crowns self titled release focuses the collaborative energies of two indie rock apostles into a sentient fusion of earthbound melodics, time shifted lyrics, and an overall stellar ambience. The debut offering from Todd and Tim Tobias, Clouds Forming Crowns is a fully evolved project of intuitive song writing, enigmatic vocals, built on a foundation of gifted veteran musicianship and crafted production.

Tim, fresh off a five year stint with venerated Guided By Voices, shares production/songwriting credits with his talented brother Todd, who produced GBV’s last three albums and solo work for Robert Pollard. The result of Tim writing outlines and Todd filling in the blanks, each song has etched patina of the authenticity that blends raw emotionality with cohesively interwoven styling. Evoking a multi-colored narrative, the album saunters from the big picture harmonics of songs like "Wish Hound" into the dark uninhabited corners of "Minus Drivers."

All the while, the peculiar lyrics and grafted melodies of this album conjure a psychological ambivalence that is simultaneously innervating and ironic, humorous and pensive, drawing comparisons to not just the best of GBV’s discography, but also to more direct indie rock outfits such as Neutral Milk Hotel.

Simultaneously as rockers and writers/producers/instrumentalists, Tim and Todd Tobias share all the elemental leanings of their collective prolific talent through the vessel of Clouds Forming Crowns.

Additional notes: Produced by Tim Tobias. Music Written and performed by Tim Tobias and Todd Tobias Words by Tim Tobias. Recorded at home and at Waterloo Sound in Kent Ohio on 4-track cassette, 8 track reel and ADAT. Mastered by Chris Keffer at Magnetic North, Cleveland, OH. Album art designed by Tim Tobias and deranged by Scott Pickering. Original art by Todd Tobias.
Clouds Forming Crowns
1.   Accidents Of Air
2.   Nowhere Is Everywhere
3.   Blades And Teeth
4.   Are You Sleeping Well?
5.   Let's Bleed
6.   Tails Being Born
7.   Forest Of Twins
8.   Minus Drivers
9.   Dreaming Of Flying
10.  Poppies To The Wake
11.  Wish-Hound
12.  True Heart Of Medicine
13.  It's Easy, Knife
14.  Night When People Go Fast
15.  Collapsing The First String
16.  Night Playing Tricks