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Bigger Trouble

Hazzard Hotrods

Released: 07/19/2005
Format: CD
Label: Fading Captain Series
Catalog #: 35
Country: U.S.A.
Discs: 1
# Tracks: 17
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Release notes: The time has come to have yr mind blown by the Hazzard Hotrods one more time. You remember that record that was on real pretty pink vinyl and was limited to like 80 copies or something by the name of BIG TROUBLE? Yeah, you know the one. Well, we heard the calls and read the nasty letters and we have decided to have one more go at it. This time the trouble is really big. Bigger Trouble has 25 minutes of additional footage, equally a total of 7 bonus tracks. Don't worry, the hit "Rat Infested Motels of Dayton" is one of them...

Original release notes (since then release date has been changed): CD reissue limited edition 1000 copies. Release Oct. 31 - Original Big Trouble LP with 7 recently discovered bonus tracks

Recorded at MC Video.

Info from Rich T: Basically Bob and friends (Bob, Toby, Mitch and Larry Keller) got together and recorded all the songs at a video store (hence the majority of title names) that I believed the drummer, Larry Keller worked at. It was all made up on the spot.
Bigger Trouble
1.   A Farewell To Arms
2.   The Lawless 90's
3.   39 Steps
4.   Tit For Tat
5.   Sabotage
6.   Big Trouble
7.   Runaway
8.   Get Dirty
9.   Clue
10.  Solid Gold
11.  Walk In The Sun [Bonus Track]
12.  The Man Who Knew Too Much [Bonus Track]
13.  A Star Is Born [Bonus Track]
14.  Tell Me Why [Bonus Track]
15.  Rat Infested Motels Of Dayton [Bonus Track]
16.  Really Gonna Love Me Now [Bonus Track]
17.  We Want Miles (Of Land) [Bonus Track]