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Relaxation Of The Asshole [Live, Bootleg]

Robert Pollard

Released: 2005
Format: LP
Label: Yuk Yuk Motherfucker
Catalog #:
Country: U.S.A.
Discs: 1
# Tracks: 25
Front Cover
Release info: The first release of a post-Guided By Voices world finds Robert Pollard turning to an entirely new genre: comedy. Relaxation of the Asshole features some of Bob's best routines and bits recorded in rock/comedy clubs all over the world. Limited edition vinyl only release. A Yuk Yuk Motherfucker Production.

There were actually 525 copies pressed, not the 480 reported. 50 were set aside for friends, family and promo.
Relaxation Of The Asshole
Side A
1.   Do You Like Rim Rock? [Live] [Dialog-Only Track] 1:58
2.   They Call Me The Kid [Live] [Dialog-Only Track] 2:00
3.   The Answer [Live] [Dialog-Only Track] 0:56
4.   We Don't Do Technology [Live] [Dialog-Only Track] 2:36
5.   Hopeless, Pathetic Alcoholics [Live] [Dialog-Only Track] 0:59
6.   What A Mother Does For Her Son [Live] [Dialog-Only Track] 1:49
7.   Funk Zeus [Live] 0:59
8.   Whiskey Shits [Live] [Dialog-Only Track] 0:43
9.   Bozo The Fucking Clown [Live] [Dialog-Only Track] 1:43
10.  Cocker, Meatloaf And Daltry [Live] [Dialog-Only Track] 1:24
11.  Brownie Cop [Live] [Dialog-Only Track] 1:27
12.  What Is Tricky Woo? [Live] [Dialog-Only Track] 2:18
13.  Space Tractor [Live] [Dialog-Only Track] 0:39
Side B
1.   The "Are You Old Enough To Get Beer" Game Part I [Live] [Dialog-Only Track] 1:33
2.   The "Are You Old Enough To Get Beer" Game Part II [Live] [Dialog-Only Track] 1:49
3.   Where The Beer Flows Like Wine/8 to 5 [Live] [Dialog-Only Track] 1:32
4.   They Might Look Good But They Ain't Good [Live] [Dialog-Only Track] 0:46
5.   Money [Live] [Dialog-Only Track] 1:41
6.   Another Dead Soldier [Live] [Dialog-Only Track] 1:00
7.   In Rock 'n' Roll You Never Lose [Live] [Dialog-Only Track] 3:57
8.   Thank You [Live] [Dialog-Only Track] 0:30
9.   We're The Rock 'n' Roll Petrified Forest/The Freaks vs. The Jocks [Live] 4:22
10.  Is There A Grandfather Clause For People Who Need A Cigarette Really Bad? [Live] [Dialog-Only Track] 1:28
11.  My Brother’s A Better Guitar Player Then Joan Jett [Live] [Dialog-Only Track] 1:35
12.  Here's The Plan: Encore [Live] [Dialog-Only Track] 0:28
Total Length: 40:12
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Label - Catalog [Format] (Country) # Tracks
Yuk Yuk Motherfucker - [LP, Re-press] (U.S.A.) 25